Domiciliary dentistry

I never thought that I would see the day when I would be bearing my teeth to a dentist, in my living room, but that is what happened. Exactly on time my doorbell rang and two extraordinarily friendly dentists entered. Yes, I did say two dentists. I had expected to greet one plus a nurse, but apparently one of their nurses was off sick, so despite it being her day off, she was there to fill in and complete all the paperwork. That is a level of service I have rarely seen, most surgeries would have phoned and rearranged the appointment, but anyway, there they were, over smiley and gushing in their welcome. I have to say that I personally find people like that, just a little difficult to know how to handle, but at least I knew exactly what to say and what was going to happen. The whole appointment took about half an hour, the first half was spent just filling in all the paperwork before my teeth were even looked at, but I guess that is normal, with anything new. Luckily, Adam had written out for me a rather long list of all the meds that I am on, so that saved me the awkward memory search that always misses something.

Once the one actually acting as my dentist, had finished counting my teeth and all the gaps, we finally got down to why I wanted to see them, the three broken teeth. As I expected, home dental care is basic, but to me, basic is a lot better than none at all. They are returning next week to firstly patch up the tooth that part of the front has fallen off. He told me that the tooth and the filling is totally stable, so it really will be a patch up job. He is also going to add a patch over the tooth that has split but is once more totally stable, other than starting to crumble. On their second visit, they will also clean my teeth for me, something they desperately require.

As for the worst of the broken tooth, the one right at the back of my mouth, the one that I actually hesitate in calling a tooth, well, it’s no surprise that it will need to be pulled. I worked that one out when the third part of it simply appeared in my mouth one night as I was trying to go to sleep. He told me that their current state is partially down to the fact that I have an almost constant dry mouth. Our saliva does a lot more than just help digest food, it actually remineralizes weak teeth enamel, hence the fact my teeth have taken to crumbling. I lost a tooth on the other side about 12 years ago for the same reason, the dentist was cursing as it continued to crumble as she was trying to pull it out. As the pieces kept appearing, it became clear that the root would require to be cut out, not pleasant but it had to be done. I fear that this one will be a rerun, but finger-crossed, it might just hold long enough, but that is a couple of weeks away. Another factor that I wasn’t aware of, is that apparently the high number of drugs I am on, are leeching the fluoride from my teeth. So he is also going to write me a prescription for a high fluoride toothpaste, which should help to strengthen them and cut down the sensitivity that I go through from time to time.

When he comes back to start all the work, he is also going to have to bring some mobile lighting with him. He thinks that my wheelchair is suitable for him to carry out all the work in. On his next visit, I am going to raise the level of the headrest so that I can comfortably keep my head back for him. Even on the short length of time, he was fiddling about in there, my neck had a growing pain. I had to stop him a couple of times so that I could simply straighten my neck and twist it back into a more normal shape. There is no way that I could hold it at that angle while he is pulling a tooth, that really would be asking too much.

As I said and expected, home dental care is basic, clean it, patch it, pull it. Well, what else can they do? Without all their fancy drills, this is dental care circa 1800, with one improvement, he will be able to give me an anesthetic when required. I haven’t asked them yet what would happen if I needed a filling, I guess that would need an appointment at the dental hospital, something I would get transport for, as it luckily has the word hospital in its title. I’ll have to try and remember when they are here next week to ask, otherwise, it will just play around in my head and drive me nuts.

Thanks to a comment that was left on my last post, I was made aware that you can actually buy cheap hearing aids online. I was shocked to find some as cheap as just £3, especially after looking at the list of costs for some of the high street sellers of such aids, where I saw nothing below £500 and as going as high as £2000. I decided that I would buy one, not the cheapest but far from the most expensive. Having received the report from “Action on Hearing Loss”, which simply said there appeared to be a problem with my hearing and that they recommended further investigation, I thought I would try this simple route first. I had already bought the hearing aid when I had a further conversation with the district nurse, I have now agreed with her that I shouldn’t  trust and settle for the cheap device. If I find it helps me, then I really do need a proper test completed to assess the problem and to prescribe what is truly needed. It is tempting to just go with what I can buy online, but our hearing is delicate and shouldn’t just be played about with, without being sure it’s the right thing to be doing.

By the way, I chose the title for this post due to the fact, that according to the dentist, this is the correct name for the service they supply. I now fully understand why I couldn’t find any help with finding a dentist to come to my home. Let’s face it, 99% of the population would never have put “Domiciliary dentistry” into Google. The words plain English shoots straight into my mind. Why do the professionals insist in making life hard for the average person. I did put it into Google just to see what the results were and yes, the help started to appear. Honestly, would that have been you first, or even last though for a search? Trust me, I don’t think I would ever have thought of it.


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20 thoughts on “Domiciliary dentistry

  1. Dry mouth due to autoimmune issues has become my newest (and, at times, biggest) problem. My old dentist was no help but my new dentist gave me the helpful suggestion of rinsing my mouth with hydrogen peroxide or a combo of peroxide/water. I hate to floss as my gums are always tender and prone to bleed, so I bought a water flosser (from walmart) and about 6 weeks ago I began using a 50/50 solution of peroxide/water in my water flosser, each night before bed. It has helped tremendously to reduce my gum inflammation and tenderness–and I don’t bleed when I brush anymore. Just had to share in case you might find it helpful for yourself. XOXO

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  2. Mine is called ‘special care dentist’. I know someone else who has a ‘special needs dentist’ so they don’t keep it the same for ease Either!

    I have a root canal filling tooth that broke so much they had to just snap it and leave a stump. That was 3 years ago and I’m now still waiting to have it removed. They can’t do it without an xray, can’t do an xray at home. The tooth is just too complex so they want me to be stretchered to the hospital – except since I can’t tolerate light, movement, sitting up and haven’t left my bed or room in 3 years it’s still on the back burner. I think it could even be making my health worse as it seems infected. My Dr also thinks I could have a problem with mercury so I’m worried about having it all leech out as they remove it if they don’t follow proper mercury free dentistry protocol. I’m still slightly sceptic but I know nhs dentists are often fully sceptic.


    • I had a feeling that any form of difficult work would have to be done at the hospital, something that you clearly can’t manage, I still can as long as they collect me and bring me home, which they do for any hospital appointment.

      The different names for the same thing doesn’t surprise me at all. There seems to be some kind of conspiracy going on across the whole care system to try and stop us find the care we need full stop. 😦

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  3. My inner dental nurse really enjoyed this post. If you need work done at the dental hospital, they should (and I’m 99% sure Glasgow do) have a tilt machine that they can put your chair in which makes it MUCH easier for you. I’m glad your DOMS visit was a positive one 🙂 x

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  4. wish we had a dentist that did home visits in Leeds when i enquired about it i was made to feel like i was asking for something no one had ever heard of,i was made to feel stupid.pleased you have one though,i need a tooth out but dont know what to do because r= theres no way i can go to them .


      • thanks for the links been i in touch with all none offer home visits and need a dentist to refer me so they can take me to dental hospital,i have been trying for years to get a home visit i even offerd to pay private but they would not come out either. so annoying.


      • Sorry to hear that, don’t give up. I heard from someone else a while ago that they managed to get a referral through their district nurse. They had bad toothache and a dentist from the dental hospital came to them and they supplied transport, as they do to any hospital. They now have their care handled by the hospital. Have you tried phoning the hospital direct? If you keep trying you will get there, just as I have, I’m sure of it. Take care 🙂


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