I’m back :)

I’m so sorry that I disappeared as I did, but it wasn’t my fault. I was here. I was sat right here in front of my PC, as I always am, it’s just that I couldn’t get online. After continual issues with Talk Talk, my broadband provider, I decided to change companies, but Talk Talk wasn’t quite finished making my life hell. They didn’t release my phone number on Wednesday morning as they should have, but they did take away my broadband, phone number, and ability to make any calls other than 999 and Freephone numbers. It has taken my new company, who I have to say has been wonderful, to get the whole mess sorted out, as it didn’t end at Talk Talk messing up, the company who does the physical work at the exchange were failing to get the work done. If you are looking for an internet company that cares, put the customer first and even does things like phone you back to keeps you up to date with what is happening, then move to Plus Net. Although the whole experience could have turned out to be one of my ultimate nightmares, they turned it into just a bad dream. I have to admit that not having the internet, hasn’t been the greatest experience, and sitting playing card games all day long, is a bit dull. No internet means no catch-up TV and no box sets, just the plain offerings that I managed to record. I have missed so much it’s going to keep me busy, just finding them all again. I have survived my technology detox, even though I wasn’t looking for one, but I’m not sure that I could have put up with for much longer, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected.

I have to admit though there was one thing that I couldn’t but worry about, and that was all of you. I was sure that there would be people out there concerned as to what was wrong with me. I was also sure that there would be the odd one or two who might have started to worry. Well, I’m sorry for putting you through this, but there was nothing that I could do about it. If I could have even been able to send even a single tweets, I would have, but I was totally cut off from the world. So sorry. It is going to take me a couple of days to catch up with all the tweets in my inbox and to manage to get all the quotes, #PSMyWords and so on, running as normal, so bear with me, I will get there.

Sorry again if I worried anyone, but be assured, I am fine.


Please read my blog from 2 years ago today – 25/08/2014 – Too well educated

Well here it is, Monday, the day I have to decide just what I am going to do, rejoin the world fully or stay part-time a little longer. I have actually more or less made my mind up to rejoin, but it isn’t as instant as anyone might think as I work on the day ahead when it comes to the blanket everyone tweets, so the work I do today won’t show……

18 thoughts on “I’m back :)

  1. Welcome Back! I know you said you may not post every day but this was a long stretch and with your health issues; I was starting to wonder. Your’s is one of my favorite blogs.


  2. I’m glad to hear that all is ok for you. How in the world did we all ever exist without the internet? In my employment (international education), I find myself searching for consulate information often, were in years past I would scour telephone books in the library for phone numbers to contact offices πŸ™‚ The college students who I advise are AMAZED that there was actually a time when we couldn’t be in contact every minute of every day. In fact, this might be a good topic for Alexandra Ames to blog about when the political atmosphere clears a bit.

    Back to you, thanks for sharing your status that you are still here – you are missed when you are away!

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    • I thought that not having the internet, would be the worst thing that could happen to someone who is housebound. Surprisingly, it’s not. I didn’t go mad, I did climb the wall, I just played an amazingly large amount of Sudoku and cards, all on my PC. Sanity, well, I’m not sure that I ever really had any πŸ™‚


  3. Wonderful. It is awful to be cut off like that, but at least you did have a ‘life line’ in the event you needed it. It’s weird (to me) how reliant we have become on a thing that forty years ago wasn’t very common at all…

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  4. I don’t the know the company “Plus Net” but you may have done them a world of good advertising. I too would be lost without the internet but I will always have my books, my music and my imagination. That will do if the internet were to go away. Glad you are back.


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