Stepping back

If you missed and are looking for yesterday’s post well just click here – 03/06/2016 otherwise, why don’t you take a step back in time with two posts from my past:

First back 2 years this day with – 01/07/2014 – A moments thought

There are times when I really hate the chair I have here at my PC, we bought it when built a the desk I am still using, we couldn’t find anything that was the right size and would look OK in our living room. Like all old tenement houses there is an alcove that would have once been used as a sleeping recess that would during the day would have been hidden by doors or curtains, at some point in the…..


And back 4 years today – 01/07/2012 – Help

Each day I wonder is it going to be today, am I going to sit here and stare at the page in front of me and have nothing to say? I never stop amazing myself how I write and write and still find more inside that I want to record and pass on. I have been so lost at so many times in my life and searched for someone who I could relate to and gain some hope that there was a point to this existence other…..

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