Still flat out

I have so little to write today. When you sleep all night and all day without hardly even a dose in between, life limited. I sit here with my hands shaking and feeling of total weakness. I haven’t eaten a single mouthful since Saturday and even my stomach is shutting me off, the thought makes me want to throw up. The closest I have made it to nutrition is milk in the last 3 days, but not today as yesterday, well I threw that up as well. No food and low liquids isn’t a good combination when it comes to life. Five hours awake each day, two to do the small amount on line and 3 spent with Adam at night. So I decided that the smartest thing I could do was to phone the doctor and wait for him to call back. This time it was quickly, but I then hit the problem that getting the telephone number out our phone for the doctor surgery to phone the chemist, as otherwise it would be another 24 hours. I hate that phone, I hate it with a passion. Four attempts and it refused to even let me see one single number that is programmed into it. The only answer this stupid brain could come up with was to phone Adam, who then did what I would normally have done, checked online.

Right now I feel as though I am sitting inside a washing machine and that the only place that offers me any relief is back in my bed. High dose steroids are something I would rather ignore if at all possible, but I don’t really have any choices right now, my COPD has managed to make its first major impact on my life and it is doing it in style.

Read my blog from 2 years ago today – 18/06/13 – Part 2, the feelings

The time spent at the hospital didn’t end with just the diagnosis, I was then talked through the medication and a new type of inhaler that is now available for those with poor dexterity. It is so easy to use unlike a couple I have had in the past, there is a nice large easy to press button which charges it and then you do nothing more complicated than breathing in and that is it done. He was writing to my doctor with the prescription for all my new drugs so I should have them here by the…….

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