Stepping into nowhere

Everything is on a go slow today, I don’t know why but be it just getting up or typing something, I seem to get nothing done beyond a crawling speed. I did manage to convince Adam to go to work this morning, convince yes, to do it without any fear, well no. The reason for that is quite clear to anyone with eyes. Despite the fact that I don’t feel any better at all and I don’t look any better, out ways everything else. As soon ss he closed the front door, I was totally asleep and in a strange new world of deep sleep in seconds. It’s hard to get your head around those facts, to just crawl into bed and to leave the rest of the world behind without another thought at all. The alarm sounding at just after midday for some reason, that sounded overly odd Clearly it was too early for Adam to be arriving, but I had already spoken about something he had seen in one of the junk shops around the hospital, I couldn’t possibly work it out without seeing it, so he had said he would buy it as he assures for some reason a diet me see it. Personally I saw it just as an expensive way in loosing more money, but Adam had sounded exited and entered in the possibly. No matter of any other possibility seemed the most likely one for his early arrival. If it were Adam. well had the keys with him, so I didn’t need to move, exactly what he did. So I just lay there waiting to hear him arriving in the flat. My tiredness pushed on and sleep returned without a seconds thought. As it did twice more before he headed back to sleep.

This is my third day of feeling this rotten, but it is also my third day or taking my amoxicillin. If by tomorrow I still don’t feel any better, or there is no sign that the antibiotic is working, well I don’t think I have any other option other than to go to the hospital and let them take over. I don’t want to, but I can’t go on like this forever. Life has so much more to it than sleep and brief views of what others bring into ours by their presence. Not having the energy to write, alone has left me with an ora of depression, one I am sure will leave as fast as it arrived with my body was run over by illness.

Read my blog from 2 years ago today – 17/06/13 – I forgot the bubbles

Yesterday’s visit to the hospital didn’t go quite as I expected, I thought that it would be just like all the rest, speak to the doctor, have tests agreed on and then home to wait for the next appointments to come around, wrong! The hospital was ready for me and we had only been there about 10 minutes when not the doctor, but one so the nurses came to seen me and sent Adam and I round to x-ray, giving us the information that I was already booked to go through for lung function tests, both of which I had expected to be done another day. Both Adam and I were relieved………

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