What next

I oddly find myself with two or three different ways to start today’s brain drain, how I start always forms the rest as my starting point is only a trigger, where the rest comes from, who knows. I have just wasted the last 10 minutes trying to make a decision, nothing out of the ordinary there, but it’s kind of annoying, Oh well lets make a stab at it and see what happens. I guess yesterday morning is as good a place as any, I didn’t mention it yesterday as to be honest it didn’t seem worth mentioning at the time. I woke up with a really bad headache in what to me seemed an odd place as it was right across the whole of the back of my head, not where you get a stress headache this was higher up than that just two inches or so below my crown. When I touched it at first it felt hard, but when I changed the position of my fingers I realised it wasn’t boney hard it was just the way I was touching it.

Oddly it wasn’t the only pain, I also had pain in my left arm which was deep inside the soft tissue of the inside of my elbow and to touch, well it was excruciating. If it had been my right arm it would have made a lot more sense as I sleep on the right side of the bed and the pain I had was like what I have felt in the past when I have had my arm outstretched over the edge of the bed, but putting my left arm in that position and it would still have been supported. In the first half of the day, it didn’t bother me that much as sitting here my arm is bent and supported by the desk, but as the day went on, it got worse and worse. The pain was no longer just in one place, it had spread and there was an isolated corresponding pain in the cuff line of my upper arm and it had radiated down to my hand in a direct line hurting all the way to my thumb. I couldn’t straighten it out without great pain, nor could I use it to pick anything up, it was just too painful and even my booster pills were just taking the edge off. By 6:30 when I close down my PC and join Adam on the settee the pain had also continued its upwards spread and when still in a clear line right up to my shoulder and into the side of my neck, but there was one good thing, my headache had gone but the lump was still there. It didn’t matter how I sat, positioned it or even tried all the tricks I know for shifting pain, it remained just where it was and it just got worse and worse. By bedtime, I honestly didn’t have the slightest idea what to do with it, but being no stranger to pain I just got on with it and played it down so that Adam didn’t start worrying about it to much, he has a habit of making the tiny into the major, then worrying about it all night.

I was quite honestly really pleased to head off to bed when 9 pm came, I had had more than enough and I knew that I would soon be asleep if I just found on position where it was totally supported. It was so bad when I said good night to Adam that I actually couldn’t use it to hug him properly and getting undressed was interesting to say the least. It wasn’t just taking my clothes off that made it an odd end to my day, when I sat down on the bed, it felt wrong, as though the top of it wasn’t at the correct angle, so I press the switch to raise the mattress elevator so that the my side of the mattress was at the angle required to allow me to breath freely through the night. Despite trying a couple of times, it was only Adam side that went up that bit more, the top corner on my side was still touching the frame. I had noticed in the last few days that it had a slight downwards slope from Adams side to mine, but nothing like it was last night, even when I had my nap that afternoon, it had been nothing like as bad as it was at that point. I decided that I wasn’t going to call for Adam’s assistance as that would mean taking the whole thing to bits and I needed sleep. So I spent the night on a flat mattress, not the brightest idea, but I was quite simply too tired to fix it at that time of night, it would just have to wait until he came home from work today.

When I woke this morning I had some issues getting out of bed as the lift just didn’t push me up enough to get out with ease and my arm was still painful, not as bad as it was the night before but still bad enough to mean I didn’t have any great leverage. I quite simply don’t have the strength to push myself into a sitting position, any more than I have the strength to roll over without something to hold on to and them pull myself over onto my side, but I eventually managed. I am sure it was jus the oddity of lying flat that caused it, but I had a painful back right across the lumber region. Now with my day time head on I made a better inspection of the bed and I was right, the whole thing will need taking apart and redoing, not a five-minute job at all. So here I am up and into my day and I am sat here in almost the same position as yesterday, it took a little while to start, but yes I have a headache again. It didn’t start until I tilted my head back when I suddenly felt pain travelling across the back of my head in line with the lump, just as it was yesterday and jus like yesterday, my arm is getting more painful as the day moves on and I even took a booster pill along with the rest of my tablets, as I had feeling that this was going to be another day like yesterday with added issues, as soon as I was out of bed and getting dressed I felt the pain in my chest.

Right now I am not best friends with the upper half of my body as I guess as well that pain in my eyes and behind them is down to my glasses, but I really can’t see well enough without them. Thanks to my reading glasses which I have on right now, I once again have a painful nose again. I didn’t work it out until yesterday, but I now know the reason why the first sleep mask caused so many problems as I put my finger right on it yesterday. I think it had been a little swollen so I didn’t find it a couple of weeks ago, the reason is simple, there has been a sharp slightly visible point where the bone and cartilage join together which is the exact point where my father broke my nose when I was 13, another one of my memories that didn’t appear when first needed.

So today is not a good day with 5 areas of pain that I doubt have anything what so ever with my PRMS and on the bad side, well I also know that when none PRMS issues appear, they always trigger PRMS symptoms. Today and the next few will be day’s of waiting to see what my body can think up to do to me next.


Please read my blog from 2 years ago today – 07/01/13 – Declarations of faith 

2013 is at last beginning, no more muddled up weeks without any structure because someone declared it was holiday time! Nothing has been quite right over the last few weeks and I doubt that miraculously it will all be perfect…….

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