It never stops

Yesterday I was contacted by some individuals who are starting up a new social media site, different from others it is going to specialise in quotes, but not by the great and the good, but by individuals who believe they have something to say. Clearly, they had come across my #PSMyWords on Twitter and they would like me to not just join in as one of the first people to, but also they want me to do an interview to be at their homepage, explaining why I do what I do. I have actually over the last couple of years supplied interviews and posts for several sites and although I have never been aware of any real benefit in my quest to push the truth about living with not just MS but any chronic illness and of course the problems of being housebound, I have actually enjoyed being part of something different, even if it was only for an hour or so on my side. I have to say I find this one though rather strange, not as in odd, but as in spooky strange, it is less than a week since I shut down adding anymore #PSMyWords to their own site here. I kind of get the feeling this was meant to be, but it is once more something else that will require my time and my energy. I have to say I really found it great all last week having just that little bit of spare time, but I guess this doesn’t have to be a daily job, I could just add whenever I felt like it or a set aside weekly job. From what I have been told and seen, I don’t think the site will be launched to the public for another month or so, as it is all on Alpha software and a long way from ready to be hit by hundreds of people, so I have some time to sort out how and what I will finally do towards participating.

I just don’t seem to be able to cut myself off from being involved in things, not that I want to, but I never thought that my personal venture out onto the web would result in people actually asking me to be part of theirs. It just shows you that anything can happen in life, even when you have reached what you think is the point in life that others wouldn’t want you for anything, things just keep coming along to prove just how wrong you are. There have been so many points where although I hadn’t written myself off, others seemed to, I guess that’s one of the joys of life, no matter how many write you off, there seems to be another one just waiting to welcome you aboard and as long as you keep the doors open, opportunities actually do still come knocking.

Our attempts to get my showering sorted out seems to have gone a bit astray already, but not all of it has been down to Adam not pushing me, a large chunk, but not all. He did remember on Tuesday to remind me in the morning, which allowed me the time to sort out everything so that I had the space after my nap to shower, but then he forgot, it was Friday evening before he remembered again and the problem then was two-fold. a) I was too tired and b) my hair would have been too wet when it came to time to go to bed. Of course, Saturday he didn’t get up until 2pm, so that was Saturday gone and on Sunday he woke at 1pm, I thought I might manage to sort it out, but fate was against me. Adam went for his shower as he was going out to meet his sister for coffee, but he hadn’t been in their seconds when he appeared soaking wet in the hallway. He hadn’t been in the shower long when suddenly he smelt something, it was melting plastic and there was white smoke coming out of the shower unit, luckily he realised the safest way to turn it off was by the switch in the hall not by doing anything to the unit, but it left us both un-showered. We spent out evening trying to find the best way of getting it fixed, quickly writing off the idea of buying one on Ebay and then finding a plumber. I preferred the idea of contacting a recommended outlet for the type of shower we have, so either they can fix or replace, I expect it will be replaced. It may not be the cheapest solution, but with it being an important part of any home, I wanted one person responsible for the whole thing, should anything go wrong, then I have one person to call, not a nightmare of different people here and there, all passing the buck. I am still waiting for a phone call and it is now gone 11am, unfortunately, Adam didn’t leave me the phone number as we expected them to reply to the form we filled in online, at least he will be home for lunch. This looks like another day without a shower.

Yesterdays experiment of taking a Morphine booster to deal with my ever tightening muscles worked, everything was great until later in the afternoon actually quite a while after the tablet wore off. Even when my muscles started to tighten up, they never got back to that point where I wanted to scream then explode with it. When it is so hard to even move and your body just keeps clamping the muscles tighter and tighter, you really do feel like exploding, the tension stops just being in your muscles and starts being an entire body and mind tension, once it has gone that far, there is no way to win, at least I now have an answer. I know no one is ever going to ask me why or when I take any tablet, but I suppose it is another one of those hangovers from childhood when someone in authority gives you something for a reason, it is only for that reason not just for when every you choose.

Today my body is far less tense, not even really noticeable, but I know it is there, it seems to be there are some level or other most of the time, but what I have today and started from just after I woke, the upper hug is alive and well. I actually first felt it starting on either side, it didn’t even bother sneaking up on me, it was one of those bang, pain, situations. Suddenly I was in pain, real pain, luckily it didn’t last long and softened off until now, were it is just like it’s friend lower down. I know because of the hassle of the shower this will probably be not the greatest week, as I can’t see it suddenly going smoother than it is today and I expect it will be Wednesday or Thursday before it is all sorted out. I always find that having strangers here, whatever it is for, is upsetting and I also know that the last time we had a plumber here it wasn’t only upsetting it was stress from the second the whole problem appeared. I really don’t deal well with these things, fingers crossed it won’t be too bad.


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Today’s post subject is easy, not to write but to know what I have to say now. Last night Adam and I had one of our very rare arguments the subject well it doesn’t really matter that much as it was how it ended that was the important bit. Adam said something when he came home that was the trigger……..

2 thoughts on “It never stops

  1. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for you. Upset plans and utilities breaking are difficult when one is in the best of health. Here’s hoping the repairs are done quickly. Best wishes from Henrietta, New York, US.


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