At last the proof!

One of my many questions about my health has I believe been finally answered, how, well it was simple I just needed to use my eyes, something I seem to have forgotten to do. For months now there has been a possibility but no hard evidence that I am going through the menopause. I had a hysterectomy when I was 24, so the signs that most women have to tell them what’s happening simply haven’t been available. All I really had were these occasional but ridiculous spells of sweating beyond anything I had ever known, with my health problems though I usually sleep through them, but I have now twice woken with salt crystals all over my face and damp sheets, still not enough to say totally this is it. Yesterday I was suddenly aware that the hair all over my body has almost disappeared, so I went on line and yes there it is the final clue. I can here voice out there asking how did you not notice, simple, I avoid all mirrors when naked, so I don’t really see myself other than when dressed. There is only one thing that I do that brought my attention to it and that is the care I still have to take with my hysterectomy scare, it formed a small apron of skin that if I don’t keep it clean and dry it sweats and rots. I had cleaned it and was just putting on a layer of Savlon, but I suddenly felt the absence of hair, so for once I looked, I then looked at my armpits and my legs, no where was there but the finest of hairs, all well spaced and short. I had noticed that the hair on my legs had been vanishing for a long time, but add in that my hair brush in the last 6 or 8 weeks has suddenly also been filled with precious hair, now knowing what was happening all over the rest of me, well I had to check on line. To some it may sound odd that I would need to check at all, but just as I didn’t know the reason it appeared in all those years ago, I had no real reason other than an educated guess, to be sure if it really was involved in the menopause or not, I hadn’t actually read anything about it before and knew just what I had heard, almost nothing. So now I know, I guess this means I will be talking to my doctor this week as well if he can give HRT or something that will stop my loosing the hair on my head, get rid of the sweats and as I now know possibly also the repeated urine infections, well I am willing to try.

I know that a lot of women find the menopause rather distressing but I can’t find a reason personally why this should be, even when I had my hysterectomy, well I was actually delighted to get rid of it. I can’t understand why so many women who have already had their families and have no intention of having any more, should find it all such a problem. I didn’t feel any less of a woman and I suddenly had the freedom of not having to deal with those horrid periods, which from my first to my last I simply hated. I honestly felt that I had been give this huge gift, once the pain of the op was over and I was able to get on with life, well I really felt transformed for the better. In fact it was only ever an issue once in my life and that was when a long term partner of 3 years suddenly announced that we couldn’t have a future without my being able to give him a child, something he could have told me 3 years before and saved both of us a lot of pain. I never hid the fact from anyone who needed to know and I made sure for that very reason, that it was a discussion I had with a new partner very soon after we got together, mainly as I always seemed to attract men younger than me. I just re read this and it makes me sound like a bit of a slut, let me put that right in 10 years I had 3 partners who I had to have that discussion with and one is Adam, who totally didn’t care as he didn’t really want kids anyway.

The final blessing for me after getting rid, was that I noticed a huge improvement in my health, I can’t see why other than just the hassle, as well the hormones should have remained the same, I would have thought. But I do know that for the next 4 or 5 years there was such a huge change, it was as though I had gone back to the beginning. The spasms were reduced as were all the other symptoms, there was less numbness, the tingling sensations almost vanished, everything was muted. I still remember clearly the day it changed as I was working, DJing in a night club and I suddenly lost sensation in my left hand. It may not sound major but these where the days when DJ’s worked, and worked with really records and had to be able to mix, run beats and cue in sounds, over lay lyrics, hand run records bringing to speed to form a seam and all done by touch. I really believe that having my hysterectomy changed my MS, what other than just time, brought it back at full strength I don’t know. I also know that for the last 6 months or so I have been fighting exaggerated symptoms, dealing with everything getting worse faster than it had for quite a while, now I am almost certain that the menopause is behind it. I haven’t checked on line if there is proof to any of that, but I as always go with my proof and my proof says there is a connection.

Tomorrow is Monday and as long as I remember at the right time to phone the doctor and have a chat with him to see how he might be able to help me, I am really rather connected to my waist length purple hair and I would really like to keep it that way. The rest of they symptoms well they are a bit annoying but compared to what my other health conditions, not worth bothering anyone about.

2 thoughts on “At last the proof!

  1. phew that must be a huge relief I never even thought about the menopause at least that is one less thing to worry about and easily helped with yet more meds 🙂 hope the doc can help


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