They are married!

Their vows

A few Christmases ago I was given a gift of a good bottle of champagne, I decided to keep it for the right occasion. Yesterday at last brought that day I had been waiting for, the day to open and enjoy the contents, to toast those I love and care about and to enjoy as part of a celebration. I can’t think of a better time, than the day of my daughters wedding!

It’s not the greatest picture as I lifted it from a recording I made of the whole event. The quality of the streaming was really as I expected not the greatest, even though it was streamed in HD it still has that web cam look, but for not just me, but all the people around the world who were watching, it was wonderful. I know from Teressa’s Facebook page there were actually more people watching than there were actually there, I did feel sorry for her as I know that many had pulled out of attending right up to the morning of their day. I have never been able to understand people who do such a thing, if I make a commitment I always carry it through, regardless if my feeling change as the time gets closer. I am hoping that Teressa will be able to send me a few of the professional official pics as her dress was totally stunning and you can’t see any of it. The back of course is where the detail is and it has a corseted back with an inlaid panel of red velvet and white lace from her waist to the end of her train. Not too surprisingly Teressa arrived to the theme music of “Star Trek” which is actually a great piece of music to use for an entry, her father took her down the aisle to where John was waiting, but as soon as I saw her Dad I was really angry with him. It is normal that the wedding party all where the same things, yes he was wearing tartan but not the same one as the groom and best man, I know it was my tartan they were wearing, but I would have thought for just one day he could have just accepted it was Teressa’s with on what was her day. Adam and I were both unfortunately distracted at times by him during the service, as someone really should have reminded him how to sit in a kilt, but both of us were relieved that as an English man he wasn’t just wearing the kilt.

The registrar was as good as any I have seen and at first it all went really smoothly, I was a little surprised when John took his mobile phone out of his sporran, but he had his personal vow written on it, rather than memorized, clearly weddings have changed. As he was finding the page it was written on, Teressa turned and spoke to her step mum, who jumped up and left the room. She hadn’t returned by the time John finished his vows which I have to say were really well thought out, it was then supposed to be Teressa turn, but there was a hold up. I’m not sure if it was Teressa’s fault or Jennies, but Teressa’s mobile was missing and just like John she needed it as her vows were also written down. I think it took about 5 minutes in all for the phone to be handed to her and for her to get the page to load, I have to say that I found her vows far more moving and even contained some mild humor which I liked.

Civil weddings all seem to be over before they have started, I was married in a church to her Father and the service took about 40 minutes, Teressa’s just like my marriage for Adam took maybe 10 minutes in total. While they were signing the register, we returned to the music of “Star Trek”, Adam didn’t recognise it but as a “Geek” I did, it was the track from one of the films, memory fails to which number, but it was the sound track to the newest of the “Enterprises” leaving the space dock on her maiden flight, again actually very suiting to the occasion. While it was playing I found a tear escaping my right eye and well a couple from the other, it is an odd feeling as a parent to see your baby moving on in life. Yes I know this is her second marriage but I never saw the first and only actually spoke to her first husband once. For me I have gone this week from meeting one of her boyfriends for the very first time, to seeing her marry him, feelings that should have been spread over many years all crashed into a very few hours. It is also all back to front in many other ways as well, as strangely her getting married is all part of her at last being in the same country as me, she has come home instead of leaving it. I am so happy for her and for me, I have hated all the years we have spent apart and although she now has her own family, a partner who I know will love her and care for her, it kind of makes it all eventually worth while.

Just after the actual wedding with a couple of glasses of champagne inside me I went for a lie down, with a contented feeling that to day was a great day, with more still to come. As is normal alcohol had the great side effect of adding a numbing level to my pain, so lying down was another good point to my day. I was sure that when we were talking about the plans for their day that the speeches were also to be streamed, so that was part of my decision to just lie down for an hour. When I got up I couldn’t find anything on Teressa’s Facebook about the timing, only the time for the cake cutting, I was left waiting for that, but feeling really disappointed in not getting to hear them. At 8:30 the streaming started again and the picture below is the first of two cakes that were made for the day.

cake one

This one was actually part of the buffet, not the actual wedding cake, she had trouble choosing at first as she loved the topper and decided to go for it. Scroll down thought for the REAL cake, the clue to it really is the music they chose as the theme for the day.

Cake two

As you can see Teressa had changed from her wedding dress, but they cut the “Enterprise” cake with her Dads Navy sword. For those who want to know it isn’t a traditional cake in any way, it is actually some sort of American chocolate cake, I am hoping that some is brought here for Adam and I when they come to see us on Saturday.