It has now been 11 months since I requested to see the OT to help sort out some of the problems I have been having sitting. The cushion I had given to me years ago for my wheelchair has had it, it has firstly gone kind of hard and the gel packs have burst meaning that sitting was getting more and more painful, not just for my backside but it is causing pain in my legs. The district nurse supplied me with a blow up cushion which when places on top of the other has made sitting a bit better but I am sure there is a better solution available. Yesterday a letter at last arrived to say that she will be coming to see me on the 28th at 10:15am, I was so glad when I read it as spending half my life sitting in pain is something I really want changed. It wasn’t until a couple of hours later that I suddenly stood up and went searching for the invitation card I have for my daughter Teressa’s wedding. The thought that took me to my feet was totally correct, her wedding is on the 28th! I suppose that is a good example of sods law!

I have actually three wedding invitation cards from her as due to the palaver of obtaining a fiances visa for John had meant the date kept changing. John’s visa came through last week so we are all go for the big day and although I can’t actually be there, Teressa has arranged for it to all be live streamed on line so I can see the whole day. For the first time I tried hard to read the writing on her cards, with the dark almost black backgrounds and different text types I have found them a little hard to read, glasses or not, what I found totally amazed me and made me laugh as well. None of the cards actually have the time on them. Only my daughter could invite people to her wedding without telling them what time to be there. I am now waiting for an email from her to let me know when it is as if it is late in the afternoon, clearly I won’t need to change the time. I am so looking forward to both things and just can’t believe they are on the same day.

I am glad that the OT has actually given me a couple of weeks notice as I really want to have a good think about all and anything that they may be able to help me with. It it takes a year to get them to come out to the house I need to think that bit further forward. At the minute I am already as I said having problems sitting due to the pain, but I think I need to ask her to take a look at my bed and to see if their is anything more they can do there. I am starting to find it hard to get out of bed, if it wasn’t for the fact that the toppers on my matters hang over the edge by a couple of inches I don’t know how I would get out sometimes. I grab hold of the over hang and pull really hard, this lets me get my back off the bed and moving. The problem with that is I have managed to pull muscles in my arm and shoulder several times as it isn’t exactly a natural way of moving. I’m not sure if they can help but it is worth asking.

I am also going to use the time to asses myself, how I am managing everything else in the house as well, now I know the waiting time I think it may be a good idea to be ahead of the game. As I have said before I don’t want my home to be a hospital before it has to, but I also don’t want to be stranded within it, unable to get around or manage on my own. It has always been an issue in my mind as to what assistance I accept from all these different bodies. Like a lot of people I don’t like the idea of having my independence taken away from me, but I now know that I will have to at some point, and that point is getting closer. I need to really think all this through over the next few days.