Finding comfort

I seem to be no longer able to lie on my side in my bed, I used to always go to sleep on my side and then roll to my back where I spent the rest of the night, but lying on either side is either painful of too uncomfortable to stay there for any length of time. The only position now open to me, is flat on my back with my arms by my side. I have even given up trying to put my hands on to my stomach or to cross my ankles as pain takes over or at the mildest I get pins and needles. I know this isn’t an important development but it is one. I have been working on it now for a month, yes this is where my life really is at the minute, experiments with sleep. LOL But I really believe things like sleep when you have any chronic condition is really important, sleep gives you the strength to deal with everything else so it is more important than you might think. I would go as far as saying that if you have the cash to spend it on the bedroom is an investment in your future health. I don’t have or want a fancy bed, with tilts of massage built into it, as I did try one when I was in hospital once and hated it. But what I do have is a normal mattress, with toppers to reduce sores, an electric blanket and fleece topper, together they provide a surface that is as comfortable as I think it can be, and with a good quality down and feather duvet, and three feather pillows, I have somewhere not just comfortable but also warm, which is just as important.

I have never been a believer that the colour of your room matters in the slightest as I don’t ever see it when I am asleep. I have black out curtains something more important than the colour, making sure there is as little light as possible in the room means that day or night it is dark enough to sleep. The three layer curtains I have, also mean that along with the double glazing, both the cold and as much noise as possible is also excluded from the room. Adam like most men seem to have a very large quantity of cat about him, and could sleep on a pile of rocks at the north pole, so he isn’t bothered by any of it, but I would urge anyone with MS, fibor or any chronic condition to center a lot of your attention to you bed room and if you believe that lavender pillows and so on will help you, well go for it. Personally having clean sheets and all the layers as fluffed up as they go is enough for me.

With all of this in place I still can’t lie on my sides any longer, most of the discomfort is coming from the pressure areas under my ribs, but I am getting more pain in my legs for some reason in this positions, I guess the nerves to my legs are getting more delicate, but the pain from my hips to my toes just builds and builds the longer I am lying in that position, so it is on my back I have to be. I have found myself laughing occasionally as I realise just how much I must look like a corpse, perfectly straight on my bed legs straight and arms straight, positioned neatly just not quite touching my legs. If I bring my hands up onto my stomach one of two things happen, just like when you cut the blood flow my hands develop pins and needles or more recently the area below them starts to hurt and the longer the pressure from the weight of my arms is there the worse the pain gets, so down to the mattress they go again.

Most nights I drop in to a coma in seconds of getting into bed and I sleep to the alarm but last night was disturbed and as I moved pain woke me, back to sleep then pain again. If your sleep isn’t deep enough well that is the result, pain, wake, sleep, pain, wake, sleep and so on, but the result is a rather tired and pissed off me in the morning, wanting more sleep but knowing it would be more of the night before. We all have bad nights but the knock on isn’t just tired and grumpy, I’m tired, grumpy and aching all over, in places I usually don’t ache at all. I know there are no answers but like many things in my home I have done what I can to allow me to be as comfortable as I can be, but I know without the slightest doubt that if I had the money I would spend a fortune trying to make it more comfortable. How I’m not sure, but I would buy the gizmo’s and cushions and all the other things that claim to make comfort easier. We have all seen the ads, but do any of them work, I have a horrid doubt that many don’t and many waste a lot of cash just finding out.