A plee to the web

I know without asking that you along with me and everyone else in this world speak faster than our brains have a chance to catch up with. Words tumble out of our mouths and those round us look at us as though we are stupid, then suddenly we realise just what those words where. The one that gets to me the most these days always come from call centers and I know because I have worked in some, that the operator is on auto pilot, saying the same thing daily with no thought at all. But having said I am housebound they still insist on asking for my mobile number? A milli second in thought would make it clear I have no need for such a devise, being immobile should be a huge clue, but I have lost count the number of times I have been asked for it. That is the way life is, it is the small things that get to us the most. There is no doubt in my mind that the world is set up for the able bodied and more and more it is also set up for those who have every gadget there is, and no way round it when you don’t. For those of us who are housebound or just chronically ill the internet should be the greatest tool there is when it comes to assisting us to live a full life, but here to, there are now barrier that are separating us out from the able bodied, the biggest one, the mobile phone number! I have learned a way round by just entering random numbers and for many sites that works, but recently I found a new one that checks the number as they want you to accept an app, even saying you don’t want the app doesn’t get you past, it as it demands a real number. Who ever it is who builds these site are making stupid mistakes due to lack of thought, they may not be saying the words but their actions show there is no or little thought in their designs.

Getting the outside world to remember that not all of us have ipads and iphones, that don’t have or need ipods, but do want to do business or just brows for information, is becoming as hard as it was to gain access to many buildings when you are in a wheelchair. Living on a limited income will restrict many ill people from buying gadgets that aren’t totally required, I manage happily with my desktop computer and land line, but it feels as though slowly I am being excluded again. Admittedly the number of sites putting up barriers so far is small, but I fear it will be a growing trend, just as there are sites now that demand you give them access to your Facebook or twitter account, something not all have or want. More and more will expect you to have an array of gizmos we simply can’t afford, to be honest even if I could afford them I still wouldn’t personally have them, as I see them as no use to me at all, but that is a different argument.

Until I was in a wheelchair I never realised just how unfriendly the outside world is when you are on wheels. To find now that somewhere you would expect that disability could never be a barrier, is now discriminating against those who can’t afford, or has no need for, those toys the well off able bodied have, is a shock. It may not happen, but I fear that there will be more and more of these badly designed sites and that there thoughtlessness will grow. I may not have fortunes to spend but I do still have money, without access I can’t purchase, so it is that company that is loosing my business, but their insult is still felt.