More Christmas

Last night Adams family came round for a couple of hours to swap their presents and ignore my wish for no presents. I know people find it a strangely hard thing to do, but it made me fell terrible as we just can’t afford to give anyone anything. So there are now presents sitting on the dinning table waiting to be opened when ever Adam gets out of bed. He briefly said good morning and rapidly went back to sleep, I cooked and had my breakfast as we always have a cooked breakfast on Christmas day and Adams is sitting in the fridge waiting for him, when he rises from his sleep to cook for himself. It is normal on Christmas day for me to drag him out of his bed so that we can open our presents together but without all the prep I would usually have put into today I don’t mind if he sleeps. I will sleep the afternoon out and then between us we will cook dinner as the planned check the times of all the bit’s never happened and as Adam doesn’t actually know what is there to be eaten today it will have to be a joint effort.

Since mid afternoon yesterday I have had a stitch, just like the ones I used to get as a child when I had been running too long, but unlike those, this one hasn’t given in and hasn’t gone completely at all. It eases off for a while and then returns, just as it was before when I move at all. I would be be fair to say that it starts slightly higher on my side than a normal stitch but other than that it’s a spasm that wont let go. This morning it has eased a little but has what I would describe as a threatening feeling, pain or not I am enjoying my usual Christmas treat, the thing that says this is not any other day as I am drinking Bucks Fizz. Alcohol in the morning can only mean it is Christmas or New Year. To call it Bucks Fizz is wrong as Champagne it’s not, just cheap Calva in it’s place, drinking on my own is normal as if I didn’t I would never taste alcohol ever as Adam stopped drinking years ago, drink was an all or nothing substance in his life and he chose nothing.

If you don’t have a large family around you Christmas is a strange time of year, apart from the tiny changes this could be any day of the year. Even the TV somehow has managed to be non Christmas this morning. Normally there are loads of feel good shows on, but if they are there I can’t find them. So I am quietly put my time to use on line as always, and hope you all are having a great day.