October Morning Mist by Pearl Photo

I know that I don’t often have photo’s in this blog, well between “Touching Space” and “Just to Share” I think I have enough, but this picture is special. First it is titled “October Morning Mist” and at last it is October, so the first real time for it’s use, but there is far more to why it is here than just what it is called or the fact I actually found and saved this picture in October last year when I had no use for it, well I haven’t been blogging that long yet. It is now one year since I last did a full days paid work. When I found this picture I saved it because I felt like I was wondering around a forest filled with fog, I really couldn’t unusually for me, see where I was going or how to get there. I think I spent nearly the whole of October feeling that way, I was doing all the right things but not getting the right response, lots of nice words, but no job. I found myself looking at this picture a lot when I was at a lose and then feeling determined again to clear that mist and get to the other side. So it inspired me by being there at the right time. It is strange how things like that happen, you stumble across a quote or a picture, or even turn the TV on to find that there is a program on which matches exactly what you have been thinking about, life is weird like that. So would say it is fate other coincidence, and I just simply don’t know but accept it as interesting.

I think inspiration comes to most of us when we aren’t looking or expecting it, I still at that time believed in my heart that I would find a company that could see past my disability and see the experience and knowledge that I had to give them, I was wrong. My life has actually always worked this way that when I am forced into making a change, without meaning to, I have landed up doing something totally different and something I totally love. So I am not surprised at where I am now at this time, so OK it is not a job and I don’t earn from it, but I love writing and love more knowing that it has a real purpose. That is why I posted this picture today, it inspired me when I needed it and led me off on a path I didn’t mean to go down, in a way this picture was the catalyst to my writing. I think more than anything when you are in my position of being housebound and knowing what the future holds to an extent, that you need things to inspire. I used to find my inspiration from the people around me, being a people watcher I always saw things in people that I bet they never saw in themselves, I no longer have people around me, so I now very much draw from the pictures I find. It even to an extent can help with the pain, I know when things are bad that sitting for a while going through picture which relax and or distract really makes a difference, probably why I have so many posted all over the place and stored in my folders.

I have said before many times that achievement and purpose are really needed to get you through being housebound and I do totally believe that, but I would also add in you need inspiration. Inspiration can drive you on through some of the toughest times and I think many give up and sit waiting for the end as nothing inspires them any longer. I think we all draw our inspiration from having people around us and in contact with us, we get it from work colleges, from friends and from family, when you loose nearly all of that due to your health, you become a little lost. I think it is essential that you find another source and not just one, we all need several, as we had several colleges and several friends. I am not a music fan really but I can see how simply that could be a huge help to some. I made sure a long time ago that my home was filled with beautiful things to look at, I knew that I would reach a point when I couldn’t leave here, I didn’t really think past beauty when I built my collection of crystal, but it inspires me everyday. I just have to sit looking at it and I feel my mood lifted, a small inspiration to keep going, to keep enjoying, but it all adds into my nest and to filling my personal inspiration needs.

Replacing the outside world is impossible but you have to build your own version, your nest and your world. The more thought you put into it, the more it gives you back. I am asked often how I stay positive, I think I am more happy than positive, although I suppose they are the same thing in a way. Well the answer is here. Be inspired, have a purpose and achieve, big thing to do, but not if you do it step by step. Build into your life the things that give back all these things and well, like the picture above, let them take you on a path you hadn’t expected, I found happiness, I see no reason why you and everyone else can’t to.

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. What a truly inspirational piece. You are right that things seem to come up when you feel your path is blocked. The picture was apt for your situation last year and you found it at the right time too. I wonder if you find that the anniversary of losing that job brings back some of the feelings you felt at the time ?

    I was feeling fed up last week as I’ve been unwell for over a year and not working. I’ve been trying to find some voluntary work that I could do one day a week but every organisation I apply for seems to not be taking on volunteers at the moment. In desperation I signed up for a 4-week calligraphy class at a local college just to get out of the house. It was cancelled. So I went and sat in the garden feeling miserable and noticed right next to where I was sitting, just one white flower on the jasmine plant. I thought they had all died off now. It smelt lovely. Just what I needed.
    You are right that things come along when we need them.
    Great post once again xxx


  2. Everything has changed so much since last year that no I don’t really feel the same way about things at all. I do still feel the exasperation of employers being so short sighted, but that is something I understand so I can’t truly blame them for thinking the way they do.

    I hope you find something soon as having that feeling of purpose is important for our self esteem we have such delicate personal feelings, that having the right balance changes everything else 🙂


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