The therapist has been and gone, she is a really lovely lady and was here for 2 hours. We started with talking and I gave her a list of my illnesses and the problems that I am really looking for the most help with. She then set up her massage table and mixed an oil with had a mild smell of herbs to it, before starting on my feet where to be honest she concentrated on. Basically she was working on the lines of reflexology, I don’t know about it in great detail but my personal knowledge of it is that it works on the principal that different areas of the body control the health of internal organs, muscles and bones, the largest amount of time was spent preforming a small circular motion on the arch of my left foot to begin with, as she said these where the areas associated with my Gallbladder, spleen and digestive track. I found this on line after she left and it shows exactly the areas she was targeting to try and relieve some of the problems I have at the moment.


She said that it was normal to find a crystal type substance that disperses with massage, I to be different didn’t have any crystal she said they felt more like bubbles, but they did slowly move and disperse. She talked to me all the time and mentioned that there was a problem area also in my liver, spleen and pancreas, if so they are yet to be discovered by the Doctors. It is hard to know if this has made any difference to those area’s, all I can say is at the minute sitting still here at my computer, is that I can still clearly feel those points where she was massaging them. It wasn’t particularity painful but where she found the bubbles, exactly were I actually pain frequently, I did feel some pain but nothing unbearable, we did discuss then the masking of pain due to my meds and she said it was a problem a lot of her client talk about, and yes it was impossible to know if I wasn’t on my meds how much pain was really there. Strangely I hadn’t though a great deal about it in the past but I do know that when I feel really bad or just really tired, I also get a lot of pain in my feet making it even harder to walk, and they burn when I am sitting still. I had put all that down to my nerves but there reflex pint could be telling me a different story, something to think about.

She then massaged the backs of both my legs and then on to my lower back. Again she said there were bubbles in my back and the only tight area that I have was up at the top of my spine near my neck. She then also tried some reiki on my lower back, she said that I should feel a warmth on my skin as she just stood there with her hand not quite touching me, I have to say I felt nothing at all. All of this took 2 hours and my conclusion is that it is a very pleasurable to have you feet massaged over a slow long period of time, has it helped to relieve the pain, well not that I am noticing, but I suppose that it may take a few hours or a day or so, I don’t know what to expect, all I have to do is keep my fluids up over the rest of the day and wait. I have the worst pain and immobility problems at the end of the day and I suppose that tonight will tell me more than I can say right now. I have her phone number and I will keep it here as I am still open minded and unsure, only time will tell.