Judging the level

It is strange how when you are given a piece of the puzzle just how many other things suddenly slot into place. Last night when I was sitting on the settee I found myself sitting in a position that I adopted ages ago where I have a cushion behind my back but I also put my right hand behind me at the base of my right ribcage so that my torso is forced into being straighter rather than concave, but last night for the first time I fully understood why, gallstones. It also explains some of the strange positions I sit in during the day and a possibility that the pain I now have in my pelvis may be linked as I am removing the discomfort in one area, only to cause it in another? I don’t get a great deal of pain from them, in what I would call normal day to day, as I listed yesterday it does cause loads of problems but they are peeks rather than tick over life. Day to day I feel it more a an uncomfortable lump pushing on my ribs and the rest of my internal organs.

I have often wondering if with all the painkillers I already take if I have just been lucky that they cover it, or is that lucky? I suppose that is one of the strange things that I will never have an answer to, but it does concern me. I am so full of different things to deal with different pain, that if something was happening to me, that you would be in pain from, would I be aware of it? I also wonder if the extreme pain I get at times from my gut would actually be even worse without my buffer and if so, I am so glad I have that buffer, as I wouldn’t want to experience the full force of it. It is a serious concern though, what do I now feel, what am I not feeling that I should? I just don’t know how I can know what is happening. I know that even with my cocktail, I do still get pain and at time extreme pain, so would it be worse or is it a type of pain that what I take wouldn’t deal with anyway. See what I mean it could drive you mad trying to find a true answer! It is like one of those knot puzzles, there has to be a solution but what is it?

I suppose that this issue of these Gallstones really reinforces the fact that when you are chronically ill it is just to easy to bundle anything new into your existing condition, I was with many of the symptoms, I just decided that they were part of my MS. As I have said before though, you have to hold on to the fact that not everything is caused by one thing. Gallstones have nothing to do with MS, there is no link and it is a totally separate condition. I shouldn’t have bundled as much as I could into “new MS symptoms”, I should have called the Doctor. Mind you when I did call for help, even the professionals decided that my MS was behind it all. Going forward though, well I have to stop it, I have to treat everything new, as I would if I didn’t have MS, hard believe me.

Waiting until the 9th of November for the results of the other tests is going to be a long slow wait, as I know even from what the doctor at the Victoria said that the test she was running were to cover several different things, as in Gallstones don’t cause the diarrhea in fact it does the opposite as do all my tablets, so something else is causing that and the malabsorption, we aren’t at the end of this journey yet.