Employment reality

So here we are the first full week of September, it is a year ago this week that I was made redundant and I naively thought that although it wouldn’t be quick, I would now be fully employed again and working full time from home. Why I thought that I have no idea. When two of the company directors came here to see me and gave me the news that I would be amongst the people to go, I did say to them immediately that that was it, I was on the scrap heap as who would employ a fifty year old housebound woman, regardless of how good my CV and refs were. I told myself within days that that had just been anger and a defeatist attitude that would get me no where.

In the first two months I sent out over 2000 CV’s around the country to every employment agency I could find explaining my position and that I could work for any company any where. In those first couple of months I had loads and loads of positive feed back, people emailed me and phoned me all saying how wonderful my CV was and that they didn’t have anything at that second, but they would definitely be able to help me. So I kept at it daily applying for anything I thought I was suitable for, and supplying them with the reasons I felt I could very successfully do the job they were advertising from home. I was well past the 6 month point before I started to realise I really wasn’t going to find it easy. I didn’t give up and then I got an offer of an interview with Shelter, which they then withdrew when they realised they had missed the piece where I explained in detail that I would require to work from home, they made some different reasons for the mistake and eventually when I let them know I knew the legal situation they supplied a full reason to their withdrawal. They weren’t the only ones to “miss” the section that I put in a large box to highlight it, I had loads of calls saying I was perfect for the job and was I moving to their area. I stayed positive for a little longer but then my health started playing up and I began to wonder if I could actually really cope with the pressure of a new full time job, even from home.

The whole year has been one let down after another, the stumbling block every single time wasn’t my health problems, it was the working from home bit. My MS had only ever in 10yrs required me to have 3 week off all in hospital, I had taken no sick time even when I had the odd flare, I at the very least worked from home through them, so no employer could have any questions about that area. I know because I used to take care of all holidays and sick time for the call center I had the lowest sick time in the company. Constantly we hear about companies letting staff work from home, as it suits all concerned, but there is something missing from this statement, it is the words ‘existing staff’, those they already know themselves, who they consider able to work from home. As an Operations Manager and I mainly supplied all the reporting for the company it is a job that only requires an IT link, there really is no need to be there.

So here I am one year on and the truth, well if I had managed to get a job within the first few months I might have been OK but I do know that my health has been going downwards over the months, something that may or may not have happened anyway, but I now actually think I probably wouldn’t be able to complete the work it would take for the set up of taking over, I know that the programming and rebuild is the intensive part and is almost a 24/7 effort, although once that was complete, I would be able to do the maintenance work. Although I still send off several applications each week and I haven’t had a single response now for 3 or 4 months, my length of time unemployed is now also working against me. I now am beginning to accept that what I said a year ago is probably the truth, daily my chance and ability to work is reducing and that is a hard thing to admit or accept. I never thought I would be written off so soon. I suppose the fact that I keep sending off applications means there is still a part of me that hopes I will find a magical company, that will accept the problem of being housebound just to get a hard working and capable Operations Manager or MI Analyst, and I watch daily for the pig to fly past my window.