Phones, Super Glue and feelings

It has been a kind of strange week, there has been a feeling that something is going to happen and I have no idea what it could possibly be. It is not as though nothing has happened this week it has and out of the ordinary things as well. Monday started with my house phone deciding to commit suicide, we had a set of three phones so that I had one in the living room, bedroom and kitchen, just in case something happened and I couldn’t get to the living room and as running to answer one is no longer possible. The bedroom phone died completely a few weeks ago and I hadn’t managed to remember to find a replacement, so when the living room one started playing up then died on Monday morning, I jumped onto Ebay and bought a new set. I really should have done it sooner but with our finance’s on hold I didn’t really want to spend the money, as it turned out I found a set for under £40 including delivery and they are brilliant. They arrived on Wednesday and lived up to the description, I had chosen a set with nice large buttons, the ones on the last set drove me nuts, just as mobile phones do. If you don’t have good dexterity, you need a button that allows your aim to be off slightly, well quite a lot really, touch buttons make life harder not easier, they need to have a good click action, ensuring you push the right one and not it’s neighbor as well. As an extra good point they all work hands free as holding a phone to my ear causes pain and spasms in my arms, problem solved. I get exasperated with designers who seem to go for looks only, not functionality. Phone fixed 🙂

Tuesday morning I was about to go from my shower and remembered that the clean nightdress I had in my hand needed fixing as the little hoop which holds the strap on was broken. To anyone out there with MS, please throw out any Super Glue you have. This isn’t the first time but it is the worst, I now have glue all over the kitchen floor tiles and the clean nightdress. Clearly I didn’t have my brain engaged but I couldn’t get the dispenser to open as it was glued tightly shut, so I opened the second screwed on section, the one you should NEVER EVER remove, that was the big mistake. I had been on Ebay many many times in the past couple of months looking for some new nightdresses, the ones I have are getting tatty and beyond a condition I would want anyone to see, but I could find nothing that fitted my requirements. All I wanted was a plain black full length nightdress, simple, no! I don’t want it to be see through or split up to my hip, I want it to cover me and be comfortable. I have only worn nightdresses and dressing gowns since I could no longer leave the house, they are easy to put on and take off without assistance. I am still waiting for them to arrive but what I thought should only cost about £30 for 4 landed my up having to spend just over £100 as I also bought another dressing gown. More cost, one nightdress ruined and two floor tiles damaged, but still that feeling something is going to happen didn’t clear.

When the phones arrived on Wednesday I sorted them out as far as I could before Adam came home. I exhausted my self doing so but as I was the one who installed the old set I knew where all the wires went and knew it would take me seconds to do in comparison to Adams time taking things apart that didn’t need to be touched. But I had to move piles of stuff from under my desk and then return it, there is a plan to clear the whole thing out one day but it is just a plan for now. The evening was spent felling like a zombie but I still felt something was going to happen.

Yesterday nothing happened all day and I was so please it didn’t, the zombie state remained all day and all evening. The day just happened rather than had any order or substance.

I’m still waiting, it’s Friday and the zombie state are still in residence vising with the something is going to happen brigade. How come in a week that so many different things that normally wouldn’t happen, happened, I am still feeling like this? Who knows….