Optimist of Pessimist?

I realised today while chatting with a friend that we all make assumptions when it comes to our own and others health. She know that I have MS and had assumed that I have relapse remitting just as she does, I don’t I have relapse progressive, for those who don’t know there are several variations with in the Multiple Sclerosis family. The most common is relapse remitting which kind of does what it says on the tin, bad spells called relapses followed by spells were you either recover totally or most of the way back to normal. That’s were mine is different I don’t get better, some of the way but always worse than before the relapse.

‘RRMS’ has several medications available and is the easiest to control but still not a nice thing to have. ‘RPMS’ has a more limited range of treatment and I have already had the most aggressive one possible, maitotoxin which is a form of chemotherapy. It’s kind of strange watching people gown up with thick gloves, aprons, glasses and so on to prepare what they described as a highly caustic blue liquid, then attaching a tube to you and let the stuff flow slowly into you. It made a huge change, it brought me back to a much improved state and slowed things down for a long time. It can badly damage your heat though so they will only give it once.

When my friend said that she thought I had the milder form I realised that we always do that. Assume someone else has the best possible outcome, but when it comes to ourselves we assume it is the worst possible. I know I have done this several times in my life, in my head I have had several terminal conditions but if someone I know is really ill in my head they will get better, they don’t always. Which prompts my question, are we all pessimists about ourselves and optimist about other?

6 thoughts on “Optimist of Pessimist?

  1. I think that is right. Optimism or pessimism either come from the circumstances or a lifetime of highs/lows. I think people that are half glass full/empty really only refers to themselves and not to how they view anyone else


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