Data Overload!!!!

The job search is pulling me so quickly into the 21st century it is scarey. The time was when if you needed a new job your first stops were the news papers and the Labour Exchange, sorry but yes I am that old. I thought that all I need to do these days was to set up accounts with individual agencies and apply for anything suitable I could find on the job sites, oh how wrong I was!

My daughter told me that it was vital that I also had a Facebook profile so that possible employers could meet me, rather than read just facts about my work history. She was right, I can’t leave the house to go for an interview, they need to be able to connect with me as a person. It has taken days and days of work and although it is getting there I still have more to do.

I had discovered the profile site LinkedIn and that made sense as it is a business contact site where you can network with others who may be able to assist with the search and help with any work related situation. With this and Facebook set-up, my daughter also set up another profile page, were she spoke about my situation and my job search, then she started spreading the word. Thanks to her effort I am now in contact with two great people who are proving to be really helpful, between them they have lead me further in to the Techno-networking field.

First requirement Skype. This I have to say is really easy to set up and to use. I have ordered a web cam as I haven’t need one before but I already had a head set with mic. If you don’t have Skype get it, I am amazed at just how good a free service can be. Yesterday I was talking to my new mentors for nearly 3 hour in total and all for free! Even better once I have my web cam I will be able to see and talk to my daughter who lives in San Fransisco, also for free so a big thumbs up to Skype.

I thought I had done enough on linked in account by having copied sections from my CV and getting a couple of references from my past employer, wrong. It took me most of what was left of yesterday writing section about every job I’ve had, my skills, schools and abilities. Attaching apps for my CV download, rereading and rewriting.

Then came twitter! I think this is the one that I am most uneasy with. All I really knew about it was from what I saw on TV and that hadn’t really appealed as I couldn’t see the point in short celeb based messages or people telling me about what they had just bought in the supermarket. Apparently it’s not like that and it is an essential tool in the modern world. Network, Network, Network…. then some more.

Today I am exhausted!! This has been such a shock to my body and brain that they just want to shut down and sleep. The pain levels have remained not just high, but found a new height last night, so I have given in and I have one of the MS Support team coming out to see me next week. It looks as though regardless what I want, I do need to have meds adjusted. Having all these different web pages open and checking them is playing beautifully into confusion zone. It will take a few days for me to settle into this new frame work but may-be on Monday I will be ready to move on with the next steps that are still on the to do list. For today I am just glad that after 3 hours I have actually completed this!