Not quite so surprising

I had a phone call today from ‘Shelter’ and I am now waiting for an email. The phone call went along the line of the post really is an office based post and they didn’t think that it would possible for me to do the job from home. I questioned why since I had made it clear in my application that I was housebound and even mentioned it through out their questions in the application form, did they offer me an interview. I was told that the selection board don’t see the form as it could influence them in their choice. I have no idea how they choose their candidates then, as they don’t have my CV.

The email I am waiting for is because I sent her back to them explaining that my last job had been from home and it worked well, without problems, she is going to ask if with some adjustment they would be happy for me to work at home. I wait with interest as although I doubt I would go down those lines, but if they withdraw the interview on the grounds I am disabled then they are breaking the law.

On the upside I have talk today two wonderful people who have left me with information overload, which I am trying to put in order. I now have so many things to change in my job search that I have had to setup a ‘To Do’ list so I don’t get lost.:D