I suppose it is one of those inevitable things in life that you say something and someone somewhere, then proves you wrong! Nearly a month ago I applied for a job with ‘Shelter’ as their ‘Resource and Reporting Analyst’, I made it clear that I am housebound and I set out clear adaptations to normal working process to allow me to link in to their systems and preform the requirements they had laid out. This morning I have received by email an invitation to an interview. I logged in as required and selected a time slot for my interview on the 20th of this month. With there being nothing to confirm that this interview would be by phone I called their HR department. They didn’t seem fazed by this at all!

And now the BUT, I am waiting for them to call me back to confirm that the interview panel are happy with this arrangement. I hate waiting for the phone to ring and that’s what I am doing now. Although all my clocks are battery operated I am sure I can hear them ticking:D

3 thoughts on “Suprise!!!

  1. I was coming to the conclusion that the interview was now a fictional process. I’m not going to say anything else it may turn in to another dream.

    I hope you start to have some luck it really is hard out there, being housebound I thought it would be totally impossible. After joining more than 300 agencies and applying for over 90 jobs in 5 month, even 3 today, I would hate to be a kid trying to do the same.


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