Outer Space or Waterloo?

I could hear the ‘Prodigy’, ‘Outer Space’ through the kitchen wall, I hadn’t heard it for years, yet I still remembers it clearly. That is something that I am usually very bad at, strange for an ex-DJ I am sure, but once a knowledge is no longer used daily I file it away, I did that a little too well with somethings, they are now mostly filled under forgotten.

A lot of my DJ work was with rave/club music, I was a person who couldn’t stand still to music and even behind my decks I always danced. I guess that I could remember that track because I frequently would leave my box and join the dance crews on the floor. The regulars knew that I would and could, take on their challenges. It became part of their night out, coming up with new routines and my trying to copy.

My job gave me the freedom to dress in what was totally my own style. For most of my adult life I have worn black and no other colour, this fact combined for my love of lace, long boots and tattoos many people think I am a goth, I’m not and never had been. Thinking back though I must have looked really odd on that dance floor, dancing with a group of guys in the normal trainers and shell suit style, all of whom must have been 10 years younger than me. I missed that stage of my life, when I should have been getting drunk, dancing and being a daft teenager, I had already married and moved to the other end of the country, my role in life at 16 was that of a housewife. I lost ten years of being me and I was getting them back!

Although born in the 60’s that is one style of music I never liked. In fact I hated it, if I had to go along to some venue that wanted that and nothing else, my day was spoiled. If it paid well, I would still do the job and I would put on the show as always, but it wasn’t me. It got me thinking though and it is still a question that I dread the answer to.

Music is a generational thing, in many ways it defines the people of it’s time. You can enter a room, look round and almost predict what music each person will like, not 100% but close. As a child I visited an elderly aunt in an old peoples home and would hear world war 1 and 2 music. In my 30’s I visited a friends Gran in a home and I heard world war 1 and 2 music, recently I watched a documentary about old peoples homes today, I still heard world war 1 and 2 music. I’m 50 now but will they still play world war 1 and 2 music when I may be in home? If not what will they sing along to? Rave, hip hop, wrap, heavy metal, all I could live with but kill me now, if they will be trying to make me sing along to ABBA!