A second thought

Well my video skills are improving, I have spent all of today working on my Facebook page and recording and editing my second video, I have to admit I quite enjoyed it! If I can find out how to do it I promise I’ll add the link.

The hardest part for me has been the voice overs, it’s hard to believe that once I made money out of it and now I have to redo and redo to get it stutter clear. I sometimes I can be lucky and other not but it is annoying at all times. After my mobility, my voice was the next thing that others were aware of. You can’t hide difficulty walking or the fact that your brain voice coordination are shot. There are always just a few though who take the slurred words and unsteady walking as mean I am drunk. I remember once falling over while trying to open the door of a taxi after work, the driver didn’t get out, wait or anything helpful, he just drove away. I was so angry at first, then I realised I might have acted that way a few years earlier.

I always thought I was very open minded and non judgmental of others, I was so wrong that I find it painful to admit how wrong I was. When you are forced to look at the world from a changed perspective, you suddenly realise how narrow minded and self opinionated we all are. No matter how hard you try it is impossible to avoid it, another of those annoying human attributes we have unintentionally. I’m sure that I still show and share many of mine, I don’t think we are responsible for developing such opinions, but we are responsible not to question them regularly.