Spinning memories

I am on a tangent run to day, keeping my brain in one place isn’t easy. When I was working this was a very useful attribute if mine. Some of the best analytical and reporting I produced was due to the strange way that my brain finds answers when least expected. One of my bosses spotted it and if the information required for a report or how to show the results in a simple format just wasn’t working, would say things to me, like ‘Go home the long way tonight’. She knew, just as I did that sitting starring at a spreadsheet didn’t work for me at all. Send my on a bus journey home, or put me in a meeting about something else altogether and bang there was the answer.

I have been trying for the last couple of weeks to put together a profile of myself on line, should be simple but as I have said before my art of dodging cameras is phenomenal and from my entire life the only picture I have are promo shots from my time as a DJ or my wedding. How do you put together something for a Facebook page without photos? I think I have the solution, but that solution has become a problem. I have been looking through copyright free photos and things I have been looking at, keep sending me off somewhere else in the past. If I ever get this thing done I will add a link so hopefully you will understand what I’m working on, but here is the problem.

I’m flicking through pictures and up comes a photo of a spider. Brain path and first result, my third ever radio show. I had just managed to convince a radio station to allow me on air, but being a novice who had successfully not shut the station down when I had a test show on a Monday morning, I was given the high profile spot of 9 p.m. to midnight, a time that meant I was in the station totally on my own. West Sound, was and is a small local station, I wanted to try radio as all my work to that point had been live pubs and clubs. With there being no audience in front of me, the only way I could see how to get that instant feedback was to open the phone lines. I did that half an hour after going on air my first night, cocky or what! Problem number one, the phone is in the hall area between studios, which is through 2 doors. The only way I could make it work that night was to set up long tracks, cross my fingers and run. Well I never like to make my life easy. The next night I took my best friend along.

Tracey is a wonderful scatty, precious, beautiful and funny lady, who I believed would be great on the phone and would manage well to assist in what was a slightly alien world. With help on the phones the pressure was reduced and the contact increased, I set a silly competition that set the phones ringing and Tracey excelled and all was going well. The public knew she was there as I had introduced her, so when I made a tongue-in-cheek bitchy comment about her I turned to look for a reaction, what I saw just cracked me up. There was Tracey standing on top of the desk trying to shout through sound proof glass for help. I couldn’t think what was wrong so between almost wetting myself with laughter, I told the listeners what I was looking at, put a record on and went to her assistance. There was my 27 year old friend standing on the desk looking terrified trying to get as high off the floor as she could, I thought it has to be a mouse, when I got closer I saw tears running down her cheeks, the problem, a SPIDER!. My helper now had me chasing, catching and removing a spider, while trying to do my job.

My brain then jumped again and I was on honeymoon. Adam and I had had a wonderful wedding day with friends and family. We paid for the day ourselves, leaving us little for anything else. It wasn’t a mega bucks wedding just a lovely ceremony at our local registry office, followed by a really nice meal for the our closest friends and family and a reception afterwards followed by going to the Cat House our favorite night club. Not long after we had become a couple we had spent a week together in a cottage his mother had booked for herself and their gran on Arron. We had loved it there and as we got engaged within days of returning to Glasgow, it seemed right to go there again. We didn’t have the money left to rent the cottage so we went camping. I’m sure you can guess the connection to spiders as you already know I’m not scarred of them, but it isn’t just spider, it’s anything with more than 4 legs.

Great memories and both lead to distraction number 3, this blog!!! I really want to get this Facebook page done and no I’m not looking for distractions, I’m just finding them.