The visit

Everything is in shortened versions today as Teressa and her fiance will be here today so that Adam and I can meet John before the wedding. Adam miss read her Facebook on Saturday and gained the impression that they wouldn’t be driving up until Sunday rather than on the planned Saturday, so after I went to bed he thought he would take all the covers off the settees and wash them. The phone range at around 10:30 yesterday morning, it was Teressa saying she was here and could John and her come round yesterday. I knew it would happen the second that I saw the dismantled state of the living room, all I could do was apologise and ask them to come today instead. So they are both going to the registers office in Dunbarton this morning then coming over here, we can then spend the afternoon together. They are going to spend the rest of the day here, staying for dinner so that Adam is included and then heading back to her step brothers house. I doubt I will see them again before the live streaming of the big day on Thursday, as they still have a lot of bits and pieces to get sorted out before then.

It is kind of odd sitting here at the minute not only knowing that my daughter will be here in a few hours but that I am also going to be meeting for the first time someone she is involved with, I really haven’t ever met any of her boyfriends and I think I spoke to her first husband once. I think thanks to that and her living all over the world means my little girl has somehow remained my little girl in my head, she is nothing of the sort. She is about 4 inches taller than me and John is about another 4 inches more above her, so it’s a day of feeling tiny at my 5ft 8in mark. Teressa and I are incredibly alike and if she likes him I know that I will as our sense of humor and likes and dislikes match rather closely, but of course I will bring you all up to date on that tomorrow.

I woke early this morning, not because I was planning to be but I woke as for some strange reason I had flung my right arm out of the bed and it must have been there rather a long time as it was cold and dead, I couldn’t even lift it on it’s own strength witch of course instantly woke me in a panic that it had died as the left did years ago. I had to wake properly not just to lift it but to check that it was OK. It has taken a while but apart from being a little swollen, another sign it was out there a long time, it is now almost normal again. Once fully awake, I could see no point in going back to sleep for just another 45 minutes, so up I got. My arms wasn’t the only thing dead, for other reasons best know to it, my left leg wasn’t happy to take my weight, it just kept crumpling although it didn’t feel dead at all. It doesn’t happen that often but when it does I find myself once again wishing I kept my walking stick in the bedroom, rather than in the living room where I have to say I have never had a need for it. Another one of those put it in a logical place items, put it where you spend the most time and most can go wrong. I suppose it wouldn’t matter where I kept it, it will always not be where I need it, sods law again! Being up early today is actually a good thing as I will now have time to sort out more on here than I thought I might, it plays on my mind now if there are loads of things not done, and I can tweak a few of the tasks Adam completed yesterday. LOL

I had another bad night last night, although the pain stayed off everywhere other than my left arm which volunteered for amputation just after 7 last night, but when I got to bed it all kicked off as normal. I can only guess that the initial relaxing process is some kind of trigger, but it is strange that it takes forced relaxing to get rid of it. I will never understand, no matter how long I live, there really is nothing in the word logic that helps here at all.

Today will be a good day, I have decided and I will accept nothing less! Do you hear me body, please just behave yourself for the next 12hours! I know they are planning to phone me before they head over to Glasgow, so once I have everything I want sorted I am then going to lie down until the phone rings. I’m not planning on sleeping, I just want to be rested and at my best, rather than a jabbering wreck, they will see plenty of that later on.