Why sore

Apart from tiredness I have to say things aren’t to bad, mind you it could be covering everything else, I have found that happening before. It is almost like your body is so tired it can’t be bothered to ache at the same time, a form of laziness I applaud. To be honest I think it is more a case of being tired stops you from wanting to do anything else so you sit there not aggravating things, a similar but not quite so successful system to lying in bed totally motionless. I used to wonder why nurses were always having to turn people as when we sleep we move around, I have discovered that that is often not the case. A healthy pain free person will move about all night long, the messed up of hair and bedding being the proof, short of having a web cam watching. I can now straighten my hair, set the front in positions with hairspray just once, and it will remain straight and in place for several days, usually until it’s next wash day. the sheets equally seem to not be moved and only my top pillow is disturbed by my original get comfy session. I put it down to a combination of medications taking me into a deep sleep quickly and my body being scared of moving and causing pain that would wake me. I do have a pressure mattress without one I guess I would have more sore things than I have now. It is funny how we see things and just accept them as being one of the things that nurses do, but how it takes until you yourself are actually in that position that it all makes sense. It is strange why we never actually ask things like why can’t that person turn themselves over, instinctively as any other person does? We just go oh yes, pressure sores, nod as though we totally understand the whole subject and all it’s implication, and move on.

I am just waiting for Teressa and John to arrive, I don’t think they are going to be here for long but they asked if they could come and see us today. I guess we have a lot of stories to hear from the wedding. I just hope I am up to taking it in and being really part of the conversation, I am sort of floaty and not quite with it, even writing is an interesting combination of sudden blanks and figures that are totally unable to spell even when give the correct letter to press they are choosing their own. Dyslexic finger aside, I know my brain is somewhere else and refusing to come home and join in the fun. I will get there I always do.

Adam is now at last awake, and has woken in one of his moods, the first thing he did was start the normal argument about opening the curtains. It isn’t my fault that we are still in winter, nor is my fault that it cost so much to actually heat the house. I don’t know why but he will not let this subject lie, this has been an argument now lasting 14yrs. LOL. Anyway I have a couple of things to do before they arrive so that is for today. 🙂