Being housebound is no worse than being earthbound

Picture of truth

I started writing this blog in 2011, I suspect like everyone else when they start to blog believe that it will be just a few lines every now and then, the truth has turned out to be something else completely. I am in my 50’s but I was just 21 when my story really began, although it took nearly another 20 years for the doctors to work it out. When I was a child I thought a good life meant that the sweetie jar was always full and no one told you when to have a bath, it’s odd how the life takes hold and nothing is ever what you first believe it to be. I chose the picture above to sit here as it is all about belief and is truer than most think it to be when they first look at it. Take a good look and ask yourself honestly, which is your view of people with chronic illness? If it fits any but the last, well prepare yourself to see that side and more as I hold no punches and you may find out things you don’t really want to know but unless you read, you will never understand and understanding is such a small thing to ask and that is all I and others with chronic illness really ask for, a little understanding. My blog is a picture of my life, there are happy, sad, funny, painful moments, lessons I learned and things I’ve discovered. If you leave here with nothing else, please leave with a touch more understanding at least.

Relapsing Progressive Multiple Sclerosis took over my life and slowly I have found myself housebound with a list of conditions as long as my arm, the more they really looked the more they really found. Being housebound isn’t an easy place to be at first but with a little time and planning, it is now my sanctuary where I live and live well. I am happy, I am more than happy, you can enjoy life just as much as ever and still discover new things about yourself and others. If you follow me on Twitter you will know that my bio has one strong and true statement “Being housebound is no worse than being earthbound”, now it’s time for you to understand that statement and as it should be with the best blogs and educations, please enjoy reading.

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