Two plus four

If you’re looking for yesterday post – Getting it right for all then simply follow the link, if you’ve already read it, then why not take a dip into the past with either or both of my posts below.

I remember this day well, as it was the time when things started to change in my life and Adam and I took control of what was happening to my mind and my body. It was also the time when carers were first discussed and firmly put to one side, to be honest, I didn’t think that we’d talk for two years. Please read my post from 2 years ago today – 04/07/2014 – Closing off my mind

No surprises that yesterday’s first run of Adam telling me what to do went fine, with everything there active in my mind, I would have been totally stunned if it had failed, the real test is will it still be working one month from now?

One full day on from talking to my MS support worker and once more I am finding things jumping into my head about either what I did say and of course what I didn’t say, but that is…….

There are days when being housebound, isn’t the quiet easy passing of time, but a place that you don’t just want to escape, you feel trapped. Taking time back to 4 years ago today – 04/07/2012 – The occasional jail

I woke early this morning due to the pain in my legs, you would think that lying down would easy it and improve things by the next day, but unfortunately, my muscles don’t understand night time or respect it, my mind may sleep but the muscles keep tensing regardless. I came through to my PC at 6:30 am, sitting is often less painful than just lying there, I do often wonder if that has more to do with distraction…..