Yesterday, or even further back?

No new post today, but if you’re looking for my most recent, then just klick here. For those who are looking just for a good read about life with Chronic illness then take your pick from below.

My post from 2 years ago today, when the MS support worker tries to interfere in my life – 03/07/2014 – Caught in the middle

I clearly haven’t been paying attentions as I just noticed that half the year has passed. I know I have said before that I didn’t believe that life speeds up, but if I can sit here doing nothing new, just exactly the same thing day after day and still can’t hold onto the fact the year is passing, what must it be like for those out there still working and trying to have a life as well?

My day has started badly, I hadn’t been out of bed for more than 5 minutes when severe pain started once again in the left lower…..

If that’s not far enough back or you’re looking for something different try my post from 4 years ago today when I look at love and illness, the truth of the shared pain without partners – 03/07/2014 – The flipside of kickback

Yesterday I wrote about the bad side of Adam’s adjustment to ‘OUR MS’, well it is only fair of me to balance this with the good things that came through his adjustment period. If you think about any relationship it is often easier to remember the bad things, not because you are looking for them but the good side is what brought you together and keeps you together, sadly the good thing become…..