Taking a time trip:

If you’re looking for a new post today, well I’m sorry there isn’t one, but if you missed yesterday’s, this link will take you there. Otherwise how about a time trip back to 2 years ago today – Changing the world

The start of another weekend and I don’t think I have managed yet to type one complete word without hitting at least one wrong key and having to correct it. The stupid thing is, I don’t actually feel that bad this morning, I am actually so far today the closest I have felt to being myself for a long time. I woke early again today, well when I say early I mean I woke at 6:30, the bathroom curtain…….

Or if that’s not far enough why not 4 years ago today – Minority to majority

For one just hour look at the world upside down, a strange request possibly, let me explain, just for today don’t just do things think about what you are doing. Take all the things you find simple throughout your day, those simple tasks like getting dressed making a cup of coffee, as you do each of these things try and do them with just one hand, or without bending a knee……