Checking in

Well, I’m alive, I’m not sure how many will believe that, but I know it more with than if I said I was OK. I wouldn’t even believe that one. This morning I took the first 8 steroid tablets, along with some food. The tablets were easy they always are, except when they stick, but the food was slow. I knew they had to be taken with food so I thought it best to have some of that last night as well, a sort of warning shot to my stomach. I managed just over half a can of soup, more than I thought I would, and it stayed. Breakfast was one slice of toast, now that was hard to swallow. My throat at first just didn’t want to play and even the last mouthful took several repeats before it eventually decided to accept it. Psyllium is off the menu just now.

I wish I could say that I feel better or that my brain is ready to let me do anything beyond sleep. Something I now realise if it wasn’t for Adam, I would be doing a lot more off. I suspect I could have gone to sleep on Friday night and remained that way right through until today at least, possibly longer. My interruptions would have been to go to the loo and have something to drink at the most. Then I see him and I want to be with him, not alone in my bed unaware the world is even there. I haven’t been this ill for such a long time, that I can even remember when that was.

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