Not dealling at all

True to my word, I am writing daily but today is going to be tiny. I am in the midst of a COPD exasperation, which means I have a carbon dioxide build up in my lungs. The effects are basically explained in yesterday’s post but have also gotten worst. My GP has me on meds and is referring me back to the hospital and the consultants who diagnosed me. It is just past midday and I have already had an extra three hours sleep, something I guess I will be doing more of soon. Untill I feel well enough to do something other than sleep, feel dizzy and confused.

Read my blog from 2 years ago today – 16/06/13 – Did I do this to myself?

Right now I have found myself doing one of those nutty things that I am not alone in doing, having a problem and responding to it immediately by doing something that logic says will make it worse. My chest had suddenly become tight, something that I am used to happening these days…..