Change the system

So many people say how much they have been helped by reading my blog as they have found a voice that says what the feel and relays the all the things that go along with not being well. Well please believe me that it is a two way street. Yesterday I need to know there were others out there who felt just as I did and had run into time and time again to similar situations and that I am not alone. There is one thing that gets to me though and is actually making me angry and that is this simple fact, if so many of us find the same reactions, same miss handling and the same pain from what our so called health professionals have to say and their so called expertise, why are we all just putting up with it! Fundamentally there is something wrong, something that is failing millions, yes I can say millions as if I have managed to find so many from a small pool of people there has to be millions. I alone can’t come up with the answer to all the things that happen to me or others but I really do think that this is an area of medical care that needs looking at. I can see clearly that there is a nasty twist in all our care and that care is actually making many of us far more unwell, than we were before we went head to head with the NHS. I have thought about it before and although I know the pitfall of any change is the fear of being sued, I can’t’ help feeling there has to be a better way of actually helping people.

I know that it is going to take me a few days to get myself back to what I call normal, another of the NHS blunders, if a doctor just want to talk to you, then there is a thing called the phone or even Skype. Once you are ill enough to be housebound, you really don’t have the energy, even when someone carries you down stair and you spend the rest of the time in a wheelchair, going out is hugely destructive. It will probably be next week before I feel right, all part of the reason I have decided that doctors are of my list of people to see. It actually amuses me that doctors seem to be among those people who don’t understand what housebound means, they think they are beyond the rest of the world and can command your appearance in their office, it is truly bizarre when you think about it. I am more than aware that many people, mainly those who are healthy, can’t comprehend how a small amount of activity can destroy you for days, to be honest I have nothing I can comparer to it from my years on the healthier side of life. Most activity even the most strenuous will leave you at worst tired for a couple of days, but you can still get on with normality, this goes way beyond that and I can only suggest you think of how your body feels when you have the flue. Take away all the bunged up feelings and the coughing and so on, just think how your muscles feel and how drained you are of energy, that is probably the closest I can get, now imagine feeling like that for a week, just because you went out for a couple of hours. Now imagine that someone who just wants to talk to you, demanded that you go and see them, how would that make you feel?? My body seems to have felt as thought I have had the flue for the last 8 years without a break, being made worse, more drained and more unable to manage, is part of what drove me indoors and has kept me here. The only good thing about going to the hospital is the fact that it confirms why I live indoors and why I can’t live with the rest of the world.

I am going to have to find some energy from somewhere this afternoon, as I had an email today saying that finally my bill from Npower was there and correct, guess what? it isn’t! They have correct it from April this year through to November and that is correct, but they forget to fix the over charge for November 2012 through to April 2013! I can’t believe that I have been fighting with them now since April and they still can’t get it right. For all their apologies and their promises, I am really running out of patience on this and I am going to make it clear to them when I talk to them this afternoon. This will be their last chance and if it isn’t fixed this time I will have to take it to OFGEM. I really can do without all this hassle, no one needs it but it is playing on my health as well as I can’t actually work out where I am financially or what I have to spend on fuel for this winter. I am not calling until this afternoon as I already know that phoning in the morning is actually just a way to sit and listen to there holding system, in the afternoon you usually get to talk to someone. I guess by tonight I will be crawling of to bed worse than I was when I went to bed last night. I don’t know why but I had a feeling that this week would be one I would rather not have, so far I am being proved right. Fingers crossed that tomorrow will bring something better.