Still ALIVE and still HERE!

This has been the first time I could add a post as my PC decided to die, this means that I am having to totally rebuild it from the very beginning the reinstall of Windows 7 and everything application else on top of it. I thought I might manage to be on line properly this morning but I hadn’t allowed for the fact that my memory took over and I had no recollection of any of my passwords, including the one for my email account, without that it meant that I couldn’t even reset any of the other including this one. It took most of yesterday to cover those first points and eventually get into my email, but I still had to find all the applications that I use and reinstall.:(

It has been along process to get to here, but unfortunately there is still a lot more to do, I am hoping that I will be able to make it back on line fully by tomorrow, but I thought I should add a note here so no one worries about me. Trust me apart from exhaustion, frustration and a memory that still refuses to help, I am fine. So fingers crossed that I all going well tomorrow it will be service as normal 🙂