NHS Delivery

It felt a little like I was on the right track yesterday and then the world turned against me. The long waited for relief via the OT in the shape of a cushion and a bed lift to help me sit up before getting out of bed arrive yesterday morning. As they came through the door I spotted instantly the the cushion wasn’t what we discussed in any way, it was just another pressure pad, not a gel pad. Over a years of hope has gone into that cushion, but to be honest it didn’t really surprise me, it seems to be the rule of life that the simplest things always become the hardest to actually acquire. The second guy entering the house was holding what looked like a more hopeful box, which I thought they would simply hand over and Adam and I would be able to sort it out from there. I already knew that it had to go under the mattress and required a power supply, both would require the moving of the bed and I know that the socket is behind Adams wardrobe and not easy to reach, on top of that there is already a plug in that socket. I had it planned that once we had the item here we would sort it all out in one section, setting up an extension cable so that the not just the new addition would have a power supply but also the electric blanket. You guessed it that was wrong! Apparently the delivery men are the only ones who are allowed to install this all so complicated electrical wonder, so without the power supply sorted out, nothing could be done. While we discussed the situation, or should I say while I tried to explain but had a man finishing every sentence after I said two words, which meant he guess wrongly and started to wind my up! As he second guessed me he checked the construction of our bed, announcing half way through my still trying to explain about the socket problem, that he didn’t think it would work with the bed we have, doing that workman sharp intake of breath that only workmen can. The OT had looked it over and said it was fine, but then came the inevitable, “Well OT’s don’t really understand these thing”, somehow I knew that was coming. It was also followed by a conversation about what my requirement were, something that has nothing to do with them, and the smaller of the two agreed with me when I told the breath sucking, superior know it all, that assessing my medical requirements was the job of the OT, not his. The result thought is one cushion back in stores, and one gizmo still boxed and sat in my bedroom, they left me with a phone number to call once we have the power sorted so another set of condescending van drivers can come to my home.

Slightly wound up I returned to my PC to complete the scheduling of my tweets when the phone rang, it was Jake, which of course meant that another 40 minutes was spent talking over his quest for a new job, I had to cut him short thought as my arms were becoming painful, even though I kept switching hands. I do have the hands free feature but having spent years as a sales person talking to people using a speaker phone, my reaction to them has formed into a feeling they are actually extremely rude. If a person doesn’t have the decency to give their full attention to the caller, or need so badly to be writing or going through papers, well arrange another time to talk. Jake was supposed to be attending an interview in Manchester yesterday, but there was something about the company he was going to see, that just didn’t feel right, so I had suggested he looked more closely on line before going, he did and he found just what I thought, they want you to put up money first and to the out of your commissions only wages, you have to pay back for all the fancy training, you accommodation and so on, looking further, well it showed it self as being a way of conning money out of expats, so the work quest continues. With most of my planned saving in time now gone I settled once more into getting on and done. Despite all the interruptions I still finished sooner and I did have more time to myself just to relax.

Adam came home from work armed with a bottle of multivitamins, he thinks that my diet may be behind my exhaustion, not a view I share but it won’t do me any harm to take them and see if anything changes. He is so convinced that his wording were to say that “they may be the cure or they might just make a small differences”, I had to add on to that they “they make me no difference at all”, which I don’t think he was impressed with. One more tablet a day isn’t going to do any harm so I took the first last night, then realised that as they have to be taken with food, breakfast was the only time that meds clash with food, so breakfast has now grown by a blue grey horse pill. What is it with companies who make tablet that they have this need to make things that people will have problems with, I would far rather take two tablets of a smaller size then try to make disappears something that you can’t even chew, usually due to their taste rather than anything else.

I woke from my 10hrs sleep this morning with a feeling of wanting to throw up, I haven’t, but nausea is never a good start to any day, especially when it takes a couple of hours to disappear. Why I felt like that I haven’t the slightest idea, but add to it the a really bad session of the pressure being like concrete across my middle where it always is, and there may be a clue. Only now, over three hours later, has it all eased to a lever where I can sit with some comfort. Waking to all that did mean it took a lot of determination to get out of bed and to stay out, once I had forced myself to have my porridge I did start to feel that bit better, eating to get rid of nausea has always been one of those things that make little sense but it all to often works, I’m glad I did. Somewhere under my need to sleep, I can feel clearly that pain in my legs today, I didn’t wake with the pain my feet last night but the muscles are complaining happily, just reminding me, as if I could forget, that they are there and not happy. I guess this is going to be an average day, but it’s dangerous to predict, so I’ll shut up there.