I have a Son to be proud of!

Well I have met my future son in law and I have to say they really do make a great couple and I have no doubts about how well they are suited and how in love they are. They were a little later than I at first expected but once we had spoken through their time together since Johns plane arrived at Heathrow, I am surprised that they pair of them aren’t collapsed somewhere in a coma. I suspect they are traveling on adrenaline just now and that will keep them going until they return to London and start to live their life together.

I had prepared myself for the fact that Teressa had told me that John is taller than her, she was not kidding, I can say without the slightest doubt that he is the tallest man I have ever received a cuddle from and that was seconds after he stepped into the house. We talked about so many things that I suppose would be spoken about by any family coming together for the first time, from Teressa’s childhood, through the family split and on to their plans for the future and of course we spoke about the wedding. I still really wish that I could actually get there but I will be sat here watching and making sure that I see everything as it happens. John is going to be wearing the kilt and they have chosen my family tartan for him to wear, I have to say I was a little surprised that they had actually been able to hire an outfit for someone his size as although very tall he is also very slim, almost lanky, neither are something that we Scot actually do. His parent arrived in Scotland yesterday and they called around 6ish to say they had got here safely and they aren’t the only ones arriving from long distances, I am so happy there are so many people who are going to be actually there. Adam’s mother and sister are going to represent myself and Adam, so on top of what we get to see, there will be extra stories to be related to us from them afterwards.

I am so glad that they were here yesterday as I feel more part of their day now, I think it was just not knowing him at all that was making me feel so detached from everything. I have managed to put together enough money to buy the bed frame they wanted, as they already have a mattress they brought with them from the USA. I won’t lie and say it wasn’t a struggle but I wanted them to have something that I know they will always have, so it is worth the streatch. John is now clear on where his wife came from as Teressa and I as always managed to go into our normal double act as actually answering something said by someone else, at exactly the same time, using exactly the same words. As the day went on he developed that look I have seen before, of good grief there really is two of them. I think he was a little relieved when Adam arrived as he suddenly had another male voice to counter the our united front. Teressa of course couldn’t miss the opportunity to tease Adam as when we married he had found the concept of having a daughter a couple of years younger than him, and 8 inches taller, hard to get his head round, well he is about to get a son, even closer in age to him and even taller again. I think the four of us got on well and after we had had a Chinese meal, as I really have given up cooking as a bad thing to do these days, they had to go. They left just after 8 as it is a half hour drive back to Balloch and they wanted understandably to stop of at the Bed and Breakfast that his parent are staying at. I had to laugh as they were leaving as John gave me another cuddle and then put his arm out to shake hands with Adam and addressed him as sir, good American manners, but so funny to my ears.

My body held up reasonably well over the day but I was beginning to loose it before they left. Sort of half way dinner I simply couldn’t eat any more as the pain levels were rising, when they start peaking like that it gets rather hard to cover it up. I had taken all my meds but they just weren’t covering it, I know that I kept moving cushions around and shifting about on the settee, but I was covering to the best I could. I think Teressa could see it, I saw her watching me and it was with in minutes of me breaking her stare that she suggested that they went. I wished they could stay longer but I will admit I was relieved that they were leaving, I was in bed within 15 minutes. It wasn’t just pain that was taking me to my bed, I was so exhausted I was actually feeling ill from it. This morning, everything is aching, and I still don’t feel great, I am tired, so very tired, I guess I will sleep well this afternoon.