Home adaption

I managed to get the details for Teressa yesterday and the streaming of the wedding isn’t until 2:15 pm so with my OT appointment being set for 10:15, 4 hours before, it should be fine for them being on the same day. I will be totally wiped out by it I am sure but I really don’t want to wait another 11 months, if they put me back to the end of the queue. John, Teressa’s fiance will arrive in the UK on Friday morning, on Saturday they are hiring a car to drive up to Scotland to stay with her step brother and will be coming here to see us before the wedding. I saw the weather last night and I am a little worried that their idea of driving from London to Glasgow may not be the best but it is still a week away and things change. I have to say this as to many it will sound really strange, but with her in her 30’s and despite being divorced, this will be the first of her boyfriends I will have actually met. With her jet setting around the world from aged 11 it isn’t so surprising. Everything seems so rushed now, but I suppose if you think that Government department move quickly, and plan on their speed, then things get rushed after they actually do act. But it is all systems set to go now and I just hope all their plans workout as they are clearly hoping.

I did some more thinking last night about the OT and what help I want from them, one I am definitely going to mention is my bed, yesterday afternoon I again pulled the muscles in my forearm, I think it happens because of the way I have to have my hand twisted to get hold of the toppers, add in the pulling of my weight, and there is a recipe for things going wrong. I hadn’t really spoken to Adam about this all until last night, at first I don’t think he realised all the little bits and pieces, like different cushions for at my PC and for the settee. At the minute he moves them from one place to another as the larger cushion, that came from my wheelchair originally, is really heavy. What I am using just now isn’t right for either place really, and were a fill in set up, I though for a couple of months. What I have to have though, is cushions that won’t let the sores come back again, they weren’t any fun and I don’t want a repeat that is for sure. I accepted a long time ago, before I was housebound that the rest of my life would contain pain in my backside and legs, but when you know there are cushions out there that would relieve it, although probably not remove, it doesn’t seem fair that you have to live without them.

I did one of my walks round the house again, checking where help in the form of grab bars might help and once again hit the problems that where I want them, I just can’t have them. I know I could do with on in the hall, half way from the living room to everywhere, but it would have to go right above the only heater we have in the entire flat. When it is on at full as it is right now, a grab rail would be unusable as no one would be able to hold on to it. In the entire bathroom there is only one place a grab rail could be fitted and that is in the shower, the long wall between the door and the toilet there is nowhere at all until I reach the loo, where I don’t need one. When I designed the bathroom I had a raised toilet fitted which means that I have no problems there at all. The room I often have the most problems in is actually the kitchen and the problem is caused by it’s size. If I walked round the outer edge along the route the counters take, then fine, but I am like everyone else on the planet, I want to cross the space from one side to another. Once launched I keep going, but frequently have a wobble part of the way across, my fault, I know. Our home is such that I just don’t see how much more help can be built into it, it was never built for a disabled person and is totally un-wheelchair friendly as well. Once I become unable to walk, well I will be bedbound just as those would lived here when it was built would have been, but those are the problems of living in a wonderful house, rather than a modern house.

When the OT does get here I will ask her what she thinks can be done to help me, but I will warn her first of one thing, moving any of my crystal is not an option, after that, I will listen to what she has to say. If she can sort out the two main problems I will be a lot happier, and as to the rest well apart from rebuilding my entire house, which they won’t, I actually don’t see what they can do for me. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised and my negative feelings are there simply because I have been let down so many times by people who hold out a branch of hope, just to pull it away again, especially OT’s.