Body listening

Sometimes I think that I should start making a list of things I talk about on here and the favorite phrases I attach to them, with a limit to the number of time I can say it before it has to be changed. Then I come back to ones like ‘listening to your body’, how do I change that, how do you say it in another way and hold on to it’s importance and it’s value, I don’t think you can. Body listening is so important and something very few people actually do before they are ill. I don’t remember ever before just lying on my bed totally motionless and working my way around my body paying total attention to every piece of it. I don’t even remember feeling ill and working out why or paying attention to any pain that appeared and didn’t go away quickly. I was that person that no matter how ill I was, I continued to work, the person who turned up to work the day after knocking herself unconscious and with her leg in plaster, we all have met that person, I didn’t need to, as it was me.

The closest to body listening most well people get, is when they read an article about cancer and how to check for it, I never have and a bet there are millions out there who never have either. Those of us who don’t have family members who are ill, never think about being ill ourselves. To many of us are ill without having a diagnosis, we learn to ignore as much as you can, and we teach ourselves to continue with life through them, as well your doctor has told you, you are well. So many things build up in different lives for different reasons, that it means we either don’t listen, or we stop listening. Like a million other things we think there is no reason to, or we don’t have the time to, well I guess by now you know what is coming next, but first I want to give you the reason, that little more inspiration to take one hour out of your life. I have been ill for over 30yrs, I didn’t listen well enough and I didn’t hassle my doctors, I accepted the brush off, the long waits for hospital appointments which allowed me to recover before the appointment arrived. I learned to believe I was a hypochondriac, well I had to be, even though my visits to the doctor varied from every couple of months, out to every couple of years. I went through illness and pain that there was no reason for if I had just caught it, had the details and the strength to not take nothing wrong as an answer. I want none of you to go through that. So this is my advise.

Listening to your body isn’t difficult and it needn’t eat into your time as all of us have some point in the day when you are doing little else. It could be while you are traveling to work or watching TV. Listen to all those little aches and pains, is it telling you there is something wrong, something that wasn’t like that a few weeks ago or even days ago. Your body knows more than any doctor if there is something wrong, so if it feels wrong don’t let them tell you other wise. Take the time when in the shower to check for those lumps and bumps. Your body knows better than anyone if you are well or ill so listen to it, and do what it tells you, it’s simple and it could mean you staying well longer, the earlier any condition is found the simpler it is to treat. Don’t do it for me, do it for you!