Endoscope number two

I have to say that yesterday went very smoothly. The ambulance actually arrived on time to get me to my appointment and the whole process of the endoscope was painless and simple, I did like everyone gag as it entered my throat, which had been numbed with a sedative spray, but past that first few seconds although uncomfortable it was all rather painless. The only pain I had at all was after, I was just about to put my coat on and suddenly the area that I get the pressure sensation suddenly reappeared and instead of just pressure it was pain. The pain was bad enough for the nurse to be able to see that something was wrong, it was actually the worst version of it I have had for a long time. Where ever the scope went it had triggered the pain, just as the first one did when it was in the same area last time.

Getting home was surprisingly easy as the nursed called and told the ambulance service that I was ready to go before they even took me in for the endoscope so by the time I was through and dressed it had arrived to take me home, but there was on problem Adam had vanished. He had gone off to have a coffee and I had no way of finding him, as although he has a mobile phone, I don’t know the number, when I told them that there was a range of confused looks. Adam had the keys to the house so without him, they couldn’t take me home. One of the nurses called his department to see if he was there having a chat with them, but of course he wasn’t. I then remembered that he is friends with many of those he works with and they text each other all the time, so I asked the nurse to phone again and this time ask if someone would phone Adam for me. Success! It still took him about 10 minutes to arrive at the ambulance, which was highly embarrassing.

I think that we actually arrived home around 3:30ish, which was a little late for me to be able to have my normal afternoon nap, I have to admit that it wasn’t just the time stopping me from going to bed, the pain in my side wasn’t helping either. Staying up of course meant that I had an early night, if it hadn’t been for Eastenders I would have gone sooner but I managed to stay up until 8pm, exhausted by then staying up wasn’t an option. This morning there is clearly mild bruising inside, as I can feel clearly where the scope went, but it is nothing really and I would tell anyone going for this process to not worry about it at all, it is almost painless at the time and after is more uncomfortable than anything else. One of the good things about both endoscope processes is that they tell you straight away what they find, for a second time I have been told that there is nothing to see and for a second time they have taken biopsies which like the first round, I expect will come back clear. I am really just waiting for the official letter which I expect will return with the same answer as the first, saying that they suspect it is down to my MS.

You wouldn’t believe how much I would prefer them to find something, anything that can just be fixed. It is really weird finding yourself wishing that you had a tumor or anything that can just be fixed, or cut out. Being told that something is due to my MS is in effect them just saying you have to live with this. I don’t want to live with it any more than I want to live with everything else that is wrong with me, personally I think I have enough to live with without the knowledge that there is more and more joining in, and there is the likely hood that more will appear in the future. I suppose I am left with nothing to do but get on with it and hope the next one is a long time away.