Together for ever

Well today is fun, I’ve mentioned a few times recently that my hands are causing me a few problems, well today they have entered and entire world all of their own. Every evening lately they have been either sore or numb or if they feel like it both at the same time, but I knew where it was coming from, all my typing during the day. Hold on whole I explain as it isn’t quite what you might think. My figures have been feeling in numb and slightly enlarged causing a restrictive movement, to look at them they are OK. In the way I described the other week with regards to my feet, it is like they to are now wrapped in marshmallow, my nerves are somehow extending outside the real restriction of their real size and shape. The result of this is really annoying, I am hitting all the wrong keys. I touch type but when you are not sure were your fingers are, in relationship to each other or the keyboard, well to say the least the result is interesting and exhausting. I am retyping word, after word, after world, in an attempt to get it close enough to allow spell check to fix the muddle. When my fingers are moving there is no real sensation out of the normal, what they do is pot luck but well they don’t hurt, when I rest them, in flies the pins and needles and the tingles.

Last night they were actually puffed up after their day of more than double the normal amount of work they are used to. The muscles where shot, just throbbing and feeling enormous, I spent most of the time sat watching TV just messaging them, but they felt almost set, if that makes sense, as thought the muscles had stiffened into a place that although they still worked, somehow had become like soft wood. It isn’t just my fingers but also the palm of both hands, they were the first area to developed the solid sensation and the areas that seemed to demand the messaging. When I went to bed where usually I spend the first 10 to 15 minutes, with my legs and feet giving me hell, last night my hands did to. Usually I just have to relax the muscles slowly until they reach the point where sleep is possible, it is a system I have used for years and still works quite well, I had to do exactly the same for my hands.

I have now for years been unable to make a fist with my left hand but just now I can do it with neither. If it ended at my hands then fare enough but this morning it stretches through the muscles right up to my shoulder, just as my hands nothing until I let them rest and instant setting and a tingling numbness appears. My dexterity away from the keyboard is just as interesting and well tested, today is the day for the shopping to arrived. Keeping the individual items safe until they reach their storage space has been a challenge but I am slowly getting there. I was lucky today as it was the really nice delivery man that I see frequently, that frequently that I think he now knows when things are easy or difficult on that day. Usually the shopping is just left on the floor in the hall, but he took it upon himself to set all the fridge and freezer shopping and all the fruit on my kitchen counter. He knows me that well that he even left me a space on the counter, so I could sort out each bag, now that is service!

This is the first time that my symptoms are symmetrical, I am so used to everything being my left side, only or worst that I am really find it odd that it is fairly shared, both index and thumb are the ones that have gone stiff and numb and both outside two fingers are sharp nerves and tingles. Both are slowly over the days getting worse at the same rate as well. I notice yesterday evening that when ever I was on my feet that I was letting my arms just hang and move with my body as though they didn’t work at all. Just dangling was the most comfortably way, as guarding both just wasn’t possible. All the fun of having a nervous system that have given up having any systematic reasoning.