Body Check Match

I have just read through “Body Check” and “Body Check 2”, clearly the styled I chose to write them both was different, but I made the decision to not read the first before I wrote the second as I felt that way I would be able to write as is without the first in mind. Doing the comparison was actually quite interesting and I am glad that the idea appeared the other day from no where. I didn’t realise until yesterday afternoon that I wrote the first in March last year, 11 months apart, I guess it might have been an idea to have made it a full year, but close enough I suppose.

My feet don’t seem to have progressed that much but I think from how I wrote the first that my concern at the time was more the pain than the numbness, which has increased a great deal. I manage a few months ago to reduce my need on fluid medication simply by wearing pressure socks, warmer feet and less fluid retention, I recommend that solution to everyone as something that simple managing to bring down the quantity of my daily meds is wonderful. Although I have lost weight in the last few months, I have to say that doesn’t seem to have had much of a change on anything as far as I can see, other than my waist line. So maybe my thought last year of my weight causing some of the problems was clearly wrong. The more I think about the rise in the numbness and the marshmallow feeling, the more I don’t like that progression. Sensation loss is something that as it grows means I have less and less ability to know where I am, that sounds a bit odd, but if you can’t feel where your foot is you don’t know if it is safe or not. I get the impression that last year it came and went, now it is there all the time. So yes there is a clear change on that point. The pain seems to me to be about the same and just like last year the burning and prickling is there nearly every night. I know that is a clear sign of nerve damage but why it being in your feet rather than anywhere else I have no idea.

Moving up my legs the reading became a bit more marked in change, clearly the pain in my knees is new, not there at all in the first post but here now. I think my concern that the muscle weakness is putting more strain on them and their pain is their answer. I used different words but apart again for the numbness was not there in ‘Body Check’ but it is clearly here now. Why the numbness is spreading up the back of my leg and not the front I am not sure but it is there, a year from now who knows. The level of pain in my thighs seems about the same, but luckily the pain in my buttocks is markedly better, the acquisition of my blow up cushion has made a huge difference, not fixed but better. Another thing to purchase or ask your Doctor for as there is where mine came from. I didn’t see any mention in the first of the pain that travels on a clear line on the outsides of both legs, that along with the numbness again is a big change.

‘Body Check’ suddenly jumped from a mere mention about my bladder and bowels up to my diaphragm, no mention of incontinence or intestine spasms, thinking back at that point I did have bladder incontinence as I have now but under control with my catheters, 11 months ago my bowels where well not fine but working, that was pre the worst of the problems, I do mention it grouped with the Vagal nerve issues I have, but it was just at the start from what I remember and from what I said. Along with that problem not mentioned at all in the first post are all the pressure and pain under my ribs, the two problems are really one but clearly hadn’t taken hold at that point.

Continuity in the hug stakes is clear neither worse or better just happy as they are, a welcome point. Breathlessness is a new, there was no sign of that before but when I think about it having had 6yrs of no exercise of any sort it is probably not unexpected. My lungs have no reason to do anything other than the minimum so why do more than you have to. My spine is the same as it has been now for years, like everything connected to MS it comes and goes in it’s severity but is always around, not causing pain, but being totally annoying.

Taking a look at my upper body and my arms seem to have also manage to remain not to vastly different, other than yes that growing numbness and their weakness having increased. Both work and that is good, clearly my worry over them hasn’t changed, but I read it again as an increase in numbness when the nerves in my head and neck leave them alone. My dexterity is about the same and so is the amount of pain I get in both, it is only a lift in that numb layer that I can see has changed in the year.

Although the way I have written it there doesn’t seem to be much change in the problems that my brain cause me, from stutters, memory problems concentration and so on sound on the surface the same, I know their effect on my life has increased, just as I know that I spend more time in the fog than I did in the past. Just saying they are there is was a bit of cope out, it like saying someone talks with an accent, accent can be mild or so thick you can’t understand them, these are just the same. I know in the past that I have had nerve problems on my skull and neck, it may just be a spell of them I can’t be sure but at the minute I would say yes they are worse.

That is where both posts end, but I realise there is much that I haven’t covered on either, I gave no measures of mobility or emotions, and no clue to things like how tired I am or the hours that I sleep. As a medical match they are useless, as a note to how things are progressing, useful to me. 11 months is not a long time but add on another 11 months and at this rate I will be living in a Marshmallow cocoon, locking the pain inside where I can’t reach it, to massage or press on. Numbness always scares me, as I know that my left arm had weeks of being numb on and off before it died, to find that most of me now has numb areas is a concern. I doubt I will ever understand how something can be numb and painful at the same time, but that seems to be a specialty of MS.

It has made me think about making myself a form that I can fill in at regular gaps, forms that make sense to me if not a Doctor, in my language I will be able to measure what is really happening and how fast. Even written by me if I have a concern, well then I can always hand them over as proof of my timeline.