Sluggish and a little lost.

I am really tired today, not that that in itself is odd but it’s a more a sedentary effect sort of calming and peaceful, not the best when you have post to do and a list of small things that has hardly been started. I just seem content to sit here picking my way through things and not over bothered about completing things, not really my normal self.

Clearly what ever nerve in my neck it is that I have upset, it still isn’t ready to shut up. I had a couple of sharp attacks again last night and today it is grumbling, just annoying me in the back ground along with the rest of it’s friends. I have found this many many times before that once something is triggered it is reluctant to shut up again, almost as thought they know it’s there turn and they want to make the most of it. My right arm is being sluggish now, almost as thought it has had enough of it and just doesn’t want to deal with it any longer. Every time I lift it to take a sip of coke or something it complains and feels heavy, I have to say it does make a change from it all being in my left side, something I can look at in two way’s, that my left for once is getting a bit more peace and feels somehow more settled thanks to that. But also is it a bad sign, as in this is the start of it joining in, not a nice thought, but as you know I look at everything from every angle.

Adam looked at my foot for me last night and he like myself could see nothing at all wrong with it. Even him touching my three toes on the left side of my foot caused pain, he cut my toenails even thought they didn’t look as though they needed that either, our conclusion by the time he was finished was yes more nerve damage playing up. I still woke for a few minutes last night as the pain got through to me, but once properly awake it went away rapidly. Yet again thought I don’t understand how a stupid toe wakes me when everything else doesn’t, or how a toe can cause pain intense enough to be felt through my meds.

Recently I seem to have a growing list of questions, between pains I can’t explain, tiredness beyond normal and pains in places where pain has never been before. I guess it is about 3 months now that this list started and there is no sign of it ending. Clearly something has stepped up and as I have progressive condition that is to be expected, but there is something that isn’t sitting right in my mind about all of it. That why I keep asking questions and keep looking for answers. I remember being like this before I got my diagnosis and I haven’t been like this since. I know it is easy to put everything down to my MS but I am actually beginning to wonder if there is something else happening here, what I don’t know. It is all to vague to contact the Doctor about as I could really tell him anything that he wouldn’t say well you do have MS. I guess for now I continue with the plans for February, visit the Pain Clinc on the 8th and see the bowel specialist on the 22nd. Once I have spoken to them if the list remains unanswered well maybe then it is time to speak to the GP.