Sharpening the focus

A bit of an unexpected early start this morning so I will probably allow myself some extra time asleep this afternoon as I lost an hour, just one of those things nothing dramatic. It is actually kind of nice to be looking at the clock and seeing how far ahead of my normal timings I am, a fall back to my years of working, I always loved having all my morning report for the company finished a head of time as it gave me a boost for the rest of the day. I remembered yesterday to turn up the heating before I went to bed, as the forecast is on the interesting side for the next few days. Not intentionally nearly all my homes bar two have had storage heaters, and although you have to work 24 hrs ahead when it comes to the temperature you want your home, I love them. Our flat isn’t that big but with it being Victorian we have wonderful high ceilings, so a lot of the heat goes upwards and settles there, but I don’t know many people these days who could heat all of their home from one heater and who’s fuel bills are under £70 per month for everything. I actually expect our payments to go down soon as I have cut the heat a lot this year, but we will see.

I have those stupid nerve pains shooting through my head again this morning, they are really annoying beyond the actual pain levels. They fire like lighting bolts and make you jump and cringe, not advisable as a smoker as I have sent a couple of cigarettes flying already this morning. They also have a habit of causing a shiver like sensation down my spine so they aren’t confined to my skull and inwards, other than that, it is a reasonably average day health wise, so a smaller tick than yesterday but still a tick. I think I really need to call the opticians for another home visit as I am noticing more and more that my vision is blurred again, even with my glasses on. I really would like a pair that helped me here at my computer, as at time it is hard to see clearly what I have just written, I have tried increasing the font size and magnification but even then there is still this fuzziness that I would like to be without.

I stood on the scales again this morning as I haven’t done so for a few weeks and despite the extra really rich foods we all eat over Christmas I am still loosing weight. Slow and gradual and totally unexplainable, and still totally welcome. My food intake as far as calories go hasn’t really changed, so finding that my weight is going down is a little odd, but not worrying. Anyone who has limited mobility will tell you that just like me on goes the weight, the ultimate proof to all those out there wanting to loose weight, that cutting down your food isn’t the answer alone, you really do have to do more as well. Since my weight started going on I have been on an almost constant diet, staying away from all the things I shouldn’t eat. But no matter how I restricted the intake, it kept going on, until now. I am still waiting for my return appointment to go back to the hospital for a follow up on what the problem with my gut is, I know I will be weighed there so I will add this drop onto my list of odd things that are still happening. All the other strange symptoms of pressure, discomfort and pain are all still as they were, I have now been living with it all for about 10 months. I did think I would have heard before now, but we all know the waiting game with the NHS all to well.