Side effects

I’m still not really back to normal or anywhere near, but there are windows when I can share a laugh with Adam and I don’t think about my legs or the pain my my torso or anywhere else. I have to say with all the upset on Friday I totally forgot to mention the new symptom of pain in the center of my chest, which no Adam has nothing at all to do with my heart! I really think it is all part of what is wrong with my digestive system as it is always connected in time with eating or drinking, mind you I drink all the time, one of those things anyone who is on tablets all the time will tell you, you have too.

I actually a couple days ago sat and read on line what the side effects of some of my meds are as it had been said several times that the MST can cause problems with digestion, which I know could be part of it but I wasn’t on MST when all this started and switching didn’t make it any worse. I landed up laughing at all the things that could go wrong, just because of the tablets I am on and how many of the actually cause side effects that are actually normal to MS, and nearly all of them say they could make me sleepy. In the past I was on a med that was supposed to keep me awake, in layman’s terms it was speed, it didn’t effect me at all but I used to laugh at the result as I worked them out on a score system was I should have been on the ceiling asleep. These days the result of all my meds is I should be asleep and that’s it in simple terms, it works as I already sleep 12hrs a day. What actually made me read it, was something that was said to me in hospital. They raised a concern as to how effective any painkillers they could give me on top of what I already take. I know that I still feel pain, there is no doubt about that, but I have been left wondering what would happen if I say fell and broke a leg badly, what would they be able to do for me? You don’t think about these things until something happens, but I have been given a warning of the future. From what I can make out because I am on such high levels of painkillers, they really wouldn’t be able to give me much more, so finger crossed that I never need any higher levels for acute pain, as I’m going to have to manage it myself.

Teressa phoned me this morning on her way to work just to see how I am but I have been left worrying a little for her as things are just not going to plan with getting John over here in time for the wedding. I had been worried she was rushing making all the arrangements for the end of January, they thought he would be here for Christmas but that is not going to happen, all the details they thought they had sorted out for immigration has turned out to not be complete and they are now trying to obtain all the other documents as fast as they can, as with most things in life it isn’t as easy as they thought. I am not sure what they are going to do if there are anymore hitches, if they had to move the wedding she is going to be in difficulty as like everyone else there is a limit to the money they have, I’m not in a position to help either. It is great that she is back in the UK and wonderful that it means I get phone calls out of the blue, as well the cost doesn’t matter so much, but I really just hope that moving back here isn’t going to turn in to a nightmare.