Dealing with buisness

Well this wasn’t the start to the day I had expected. I was woken at 6:10 by Adam doing his pig impressions and gave up trying to either shut him up or of any chance of getting back to sleep, so I got up and started my day. Adam eventually got up and headed of to work and I had my breakfast, so far so good, but then the phone rang and it was one of those horrid automated things, they all seem to have on specialty, confusing me! I knew from experience that as it was Barclays and they were asking about recent transactions that someone was trying to use my card, or at least they thought they were.

I know they do their best to make these systems easy to use and to understand, but I find that my brain goes into a spin, something that it shouldn’t as I was one of the people behind a system like that, who used to record the messages and set up the system to take a caller to the right person, or to simply leave a message of some sort. I more than understand how they work and what the processes are, but with questions that don’t actually make sense to me meant I had to open my statement, making things worse as I was trying to answer the questions on the phone and to log into my account, I had to hang up on the the phone it was just too much. I checked my account at my speed and called back, they were right someone was stealing money from my account. The took £1.60 on the first, £25.80 on the 3rd and according to the phone they were trying to take another £25.80 today. The whole thing was hysterical thinking about it, as the adviser who was trying to help me, had a really broad Asian accent and I was confused before I even tried to work out what he was saying. We got there and I now have a new card on it’s way to me. I am still confused though as I only use my card to make payments to ASDA, I use it as it has this fraud protection, that means to me that ASDA’s security is questionable, rather a surprise for a company that size.

What this morning has shown me is that dealing with companies once you have a problem with communication is really hard. For about 4 years in total I worked as a call center rep and not once was I ever given training with how to handle a call from someone with speech problems. Nor when I was a Operations Manager did I bring in any training for the staff to deal with it either. We all think we know how to talk and how to communicate with someone, but it is a different skill and this morning was proof that it isn’t a universal one. I made it clear to the man at the other end I was having problems understanding as he spoke so quickly, but as most do, he didn’t just slow down, he started to shout! I have noticed that all my life that people shout when someone can’t understand a word, or their accent or even just they way they are saying something, shouting makes no difference at all, it is comprehension not hearing that is the problem.

I actually think that it shouldn’t be something that is taught by business, it should be along with a million other things, be taught by parents and schools. How we react to people can make so much difference, I witnessed from my wheelchair days that people shouted at me then, strange I know as I never thought my ears where in my legs, but apparently they are. If someone was with my they spoke to them and not to me, and always looked at me in a pitying way as thought I had lost my brain along with my mobility. Well world here is a note for the margin of your page on people, disabled doesn’t mean stupid, just different.