Endoscopy appointment

My appointment for my endoscopy has arrived, it is on Friday are 1pm. When the envelope arrived I knew as I had an endoscopy about 8 years ago that the big packs where the horrid mix that I have to drink the night before and I thought that the booklet that arrived would simply be to tell my what would happen and when to take the gunk, I nearly put it into the kitchen without looking at it, but for some reason I read it, which turns out to be a good idea as things have changed a lot! There is now a diet to be restricted to for the 2days before and on the day of the actual process. For the two days before I can only eat the type of food that I actually hate, almost everything I eat is off the list. I am supposed to eat only white bread, breakfast cereals, fish, meat, peeled potatoes, white pasta and white rice, crisps, rich tea biscuits, cheese, sauces not including Tomato. Basically a totally fiber free diet, 99% of what I eat is fiber, one of the reasons why food not passing through my gut is a rather odd thing to happen, so far today I have had a large bowl of porridge and 4 pieces of fruit, Adam constantly compares me to a rabbit, all not allowed for Wednesday and Thursday. Out of what I am allowed to eat the only things that I have in the house that I would find edible is the pasta and rice, both of which I am happy to eat plain. It does seem a little odd that you aren’t allowed fiber, when they are asking you to drink two liters of liquid that will make you run to the loo constantly for several hours. I will of course comply with this as they want me to.

On top of that they now lay out in detail when you are to drink the gunk, it has now to be in two sessions one in the afternoon the other in the evening, and once you have begun drinking the gunk there is no solid food at all, just sugar free drinks, excluding milk, why sugar free? What concerns me is Thursday evening, I don’t like the gunk but that isn’t the problem, my medication it slow release, the gunk is going to force it through me at speed, so how am I meant to control my pain levels? I think that is something I am going to have to phone my GP about, as that does worry me a bit, it isn’t just the pain though as I know that the withdrawal of my MST and Amitriptyline would not be a nice thing to go through. I have on occasion forgotten to take my Amitriptyline in the past, as it is a liquid and the rest are tablet. With in a hour of missing it, I have been in a sweat and feeling like death, I have no idea what a sudden stop of my MST would be like. I’m not sure other than an injection what they can do to make it easier.

So once again the NHS have booked out my Friday, I have to say that I am impressed at how quickly this appointment has come through, I did expect to be waiting about months, so thumbs up there. All I hope is that they find something useful and stop me feeling like I do and that they can get my gut to do what a gut is meant to do, without pain preferably. I almost bet I am gong to come home with yet another label just as I did after my scan, I never thought that I had gallstones, but I do and I can’t help wondering what else is lurking in there, this could be interesting.