A Muddle of Syllables

Last night I asked Adam a question, one that I got a one word answer to but I was a little surprised when he didn’t ask why I was asking. I simply asked if he had noticed that I have been asking him more than normal to repeat himself, his answer was no. Clearly there was a reason for my question and the reason is an odd one, but I have noticed in the last few weeks that I have been questioning what he has been saying to me. At first I was putting it down to him mumbling, something we are all guilty of doing. Then I was blaming myself for not listening to him. Then that I wasn’t concentrating on what he was saying and I was being detracted by something on my PC or the TV, but I have always been able to do both without any trouble. Yesterday I realised what was happening when he was here at lunchtime, I didn’t’ ask him to repeat as I haven’t done many times recently, when I haven’t know what he was saying I have been covering it over by making a good guess as to what he was saying, based on what he had been talking about before I lost it all. If I have got it wrong I just say sorry and ask him to repeat as I haven’t quite understood what he meant.

What is happening isn’t just with him but also with the TV at times, I seem to be somehow not hearing words, just parts of them, my brain at times doesn’t seem to be translating the sounds into words, it is almost as though I hear a string of syllables and I’m not processing the right sections that belong together actually together, it sounds as though they are speaking a foreign language. I had noticed it when Adam suddenly talked to me out of the blue and at first that clearly could have been concentration, then I found it happening on TV programs when I was sat here at my PC, suddenly someone on the TV would again sound like they were talking a language I didn’t know, stopping me and making me look to the TV, to find they were indeed speaking English. It isn’t all the time and it might not happen for several days, then suddenly I am lost again.

It is as though my brains just stops processing words, just for a few seconds and then it snaps back, not always when I ask it to, but with in seconds. I am never spend any day without the TV on as well as my PC and the most of the time I can totally understand the TV and like now be typing, then suddenly the TV start sending out foreign words in the middle of an English program. I am not over worried about it, but it’s just a bit odd, to say the least. I suppose it has to go onto my list of things to watch out for and to see what happens as time goes on. It’s bad enough my speech being in a muddled mess without the voices around me playing the same stupid trick, mind you conversations could become even stranger than they are now.