Finding the hope

I seem to be spending a lot of time crying just now, not something I want to do but something that I have to do. I am not normally the type of person who wallows in self pity, but to be honest it is more grief than pity. I have for to long been convincing myself that I carried off an award worthy act of everything is OK, this is my reaction to learning that my act was fooling few and some not at all. As creatures we really do think to highly of our abilities to fool the world, when in fact the only person we are truly fooling is ourselves, well that broke down, so what the world moves on and this is a new day. See I can say it, do I believe it, well yes and no. I believe it in that it is a fact, but I don’t believe it, when the tears start again.

I have had some wonderful comments and messages both here and on Twitter and I thank all of you for what you have said and if any of you doubted that I would rip the pain from inside me and slam it down in words, well I hope you have lost those doubt, there is nothing that I won’t pass on to those who will read, otherwise what would be the point of doing any of this. This is day three of trying to put myself back together and I am getting there, yes there are still tears but there is also a relief that I have at last been forced to look at myself as I am now and put to bed the idea that I can some how claw my way back to who I was just 2 or 3 years ago, if not who I was 10 yrs ago. It is the old me that I am grieving for because I now see she has truly gone and can never return. This stage of my illness is a hard one and I doubt if it will be the last time that I put myself through this, yes I do realise it is me that is the root of this, not anyone else, everyone else saw the truth and politely worked with it.

It is mad how much we can upset ourselves, and how much of our lives is spent trying to hide from what all other know. The simplest example of one we all do it the kidding ourselves daily when we look in the mirror to the fact we are growing older or that we have put on some weight, I was kidding myself about everything. I know I had written before about loss of concentration and so on before but I had sugar coated it, the stark reality was to hard for me to take, so I built a world that let me ignore it and hid. I am now standing outside that world and facing the one that everyone can see and has listened to for years.

I accepted years ago that I can’t escape this house, that this is the space I have to live in and there is nothing else available to me. Now I am having to accept that I can’t escape this body or mind either, there is nothing else available. I have cried less this morning and I feel stronger in myself, more able to see a way through if you like. Today has started with a more positive feel to it, a feeling of being myself who ever that is, but I suppose it might not be as bad as I feared, after all I don’t actually have much of a choice do I.