Strange day.

There is a great temptation today to simply have a rant about Twitter as my account was suspended yesterday evening as I had unfollowed a large number of people who hadn’t followed me back, apparently this is against their rules and well my account suddenly went off line. The system they have actually doesn’t tell you if there is a chance of getting it back or not, or if that is it gone for ever and I have to start again. I am in limbo. For those who are here to see where I went there is the answer, I am waiting today to see what happens and if there is no answer from them I will have to go back to the beginning. On the good side I will be able to get some other things done this morning, once I have written this I have no excuse to not getting my hair dyed today, so as always every thing that appears as a negative will have a positive within it.

This is going to be an odd week all the way through, not only as Teressa will be here on Thursday and Friday but I just have this feeling that everything is slightly off center if you know what I mean from that. It isn’t anything solid or with any great reasoning behind it, just a feeling that started to grow a couple of days ago that something is about to change, I suppose all I can do is wait and see if it works out that way or not, or maybe I had a premonition about Twitter, lol. It is strange how we do get feelings about things, I know that tests have been done repeatedly by sciences to see if there can be anything solid behind them, for the results to come back constantly that there is nothing, but I have always thought that there has to be, or why would our minds come up with them if they served no purpose at all.

I’m really not feeling great today and I could use that as a great excuse to just going back to bed early for my nap but I know that the truth of how I feel really is down to being rather pissed off and a bit tired. It is really strange the way that outside influences really changes everything about how you feel physically, I suppose that is the ultimate proof that things like depression can be triggered by just not being happy with life, but on the other hand if that was true and was taken to the ultimate degree, we would all be on huge doses of antidepressants all the time. As is always the danger with MS my pain levels are up today, as I have all my routine out of sink, wondering around on line trying to work out what to do next isn’t the same as sitting working to my timetable. MS and many of the auto immune illnesses react badly to changes to routine, yes I am still sat here at my desk and yes I am still on line but no I am not in my routine and it is upsetting me. Sounds silly but it is a huge issue. I have explained before how the moving or physical items can through me into a spin, well this is just the same. I am lost, confused and not sure what to do next. I don’t seem to be able to get control or to be able to move forward with other plans I keep trying to make for the day. I know that sounds nuts but that is how it is and how I feel. There isn’t anything in my logical side that can make the other side or me settle at this second. I will but like most things it will take a little time.

I can’t even settle myself to this totally so for now I am bringing today’s post to a close. I have to put the dye in my hair or I will wonder off that idea as well. The good thing about that is, that once I have started it I can’t stop until it is complete, so that activity will keep me busy for at least an hour.